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  1. If your that worried, you should just call the arena and ask and maybe even call the viagogo place too and asked them about it. Have you even received the tickets yet?? If not you could be stressing over nothing, original buyers name may not even be on it.
  2. Not sure where your from, but here in the U.S., I’ve been to a lot of concerts and I’ve never been carded, I just show my ticket, they give a search and your good to go. Now if you don’t have your tickets and have to pick them up at the arena, you do need ID. Only time I’ve been to a concert where they asked for ID even though we physically had tickets was JT 20/20,tour, we got VIP and my cousin had to show her ID that she was purchaser, but I think that was just cuz of the fact it was VIP. Things could be different where your from but I think as long as it’s a regular ticket and you have it on you, you should be fine.
  3. Obviously that would be great but these stories are like a broken record now, along with the marriage/baby ones, these stories surface every time she does something, I’ll believe stuff when I actually see it happen.
  4. Good lord that’s a lot of ass threads, lol
  5. Website: New Britneyology

    I remember that website from years ago, I’d check it out whenever I needed a break from exhell, but if u search that website on google, there’s a warning saying it may have been hacked, so just a heads up for anyone checking it out.
  6. New Instagram Post (February 8th)

    Good to know she’s still working on her fitness for summer tour since I’m gonna be at one of them shows and those look like the green weights I have, lol
  7. New Instagram Post (February 6th)

    She’s so cute, lol, I’ll never understand the fans who complain about her Instagram, I love it!!!
  8. Britney and Sam Broke Up???

    Well this puts that topic to rest.
  9. So When We Gonna Bash JT & His Super Bowl Performance?

    I thought it was great, yeah what he’s done/said about Britney over the years was dickish and immature on his part but the man puts on a show and I’m not about to be some juvenile hater just cuz im a Britney fan too!!
  10. New Instagram Post (February 5th)

    Good god....her body!!! Plus I guess this pretty much answers the previous post regarding breaking up, lol
  11. That is an incredible story and picture and it kinda further proves that if u want a good meet/pic with her, it all depends on you and if u wanna hug, u need to have some respect and ask like this dude did, not just do it, lol

    Yeah, I’ll pass on that and in regards to the post a few spots up, I think fans are reading to much into this apple emoji thing, it’s most likely in her most used emoji section and that’s most likely where she chooses her emojis from, I know I do.
  13. She should wear this for the tour

    She def. needs to switch her costumes up but I’d rather see her in stuff that isn’t a leotard.
  14. Great stories and great pics esp. that first one.
  15. And the sad part is that a lot of naysayers were her own fucking fans, saying it’s pointless to take the same show on the road.....UH NO, not everyone can afford to travel to her and not everyone is some loser who watches and analyzes every fan video on YouTube. I for one am happy I can now see it!!!