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  1. RUMOR - Britney might be leaving RCA

    I really don’t pay attention to that behind the scenes stuff, as long as I’m entertained I’m happy.
  2. Beautiful and wow at the second one, u can definitely see some stuff a lil bit, lol
  3. New Instagram Post (November 14th)

    Her body is fucking incredible and I also love the purple string lights in her gym, looks nice.
  4. Rolling Stone: Britney Spears is the Pop Godmother of Our Times

    I would say it’s accurate.
  5. Do you think can Britney still hit these notes now?

    She prolly could with proper and regular practice.
  6. That's great but it needs to become consistent.

  8. New Instagram Post (November 4th)

    She looks great, she really needs to stick with lighter make up, looks so much younger and fresher. Its great what she's doing, it's such a worthy cause, what she did is gonna help a lot of kids and their families!!
  9. The most embarrassing parts on lyrics

    Most of those aren't even embarrassing, just takes some common sense to get what it means and what rock have some of y'all been living under that u don't know the B.I.G line in DDB is referring to Notorious B.I.G and his song Hypnotize.

    Reading those lyrics makes me sooooo grateful for the 90s rap I grew up with, lol
  11. Britney Thinks Her Career Is 20 Years Already

    Not surprising considering she was doing stuff before BOMT.
  12. Good read, it truly is an incredible fucking album from start to finish, for me, there's not a single skip track!!! Like the little song reviews too, tho I don't really get the one for Toy Soldier, lol, I don't really get a sex vibe from that song, I get more of a woman fed up with immature little boys and wants a real man vibe, not just for sexual reason but in general.
  13. Your thoughts about this picture?

    I was wondering where you'd been too, hopefully u start coming on more often, we need another voice of sanity, lol And yeah, it's sad what this place is turning into.
  14. Your thoughts about this picture?

    Ok....but what the hell does that have to do with her painting a picture, is it supposed to imply that her managers held a gun to her head and forced her to paint a picture, lmao, I know we as fans like to think we know Britney personally but the reality is we DON'T, so the fans like the one u quoted in this comment and maybe even yourself, sound completely psychotic with these conspiracy theories acting like Britney is some prisoner whose team and label force every single thing she does!!!!
  15. Your thoughts about this picture?

    Exactly, it's why I use those adult coloring books, it's incredibly relaxing.