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  1. Nicole Scherzinger annoys me

    I liked PCD when I was little they were a bit different at that time. Nicole has a great voice and some bops but overall she is flopping. I don't find her annoying per se, just when she does the Britney voice. I mean we get it, you imitate her voice well, but you don't have to do this on every damn show.
  2. Selena Gomez Fetish (Audio) ft. Gucci Mane

    I don't like it tbh. Don't know why. I like It Ain't Me but this is just meh.
  3. To me it's been boring for several years now.
  4. Have you seen this? Sorry if AP. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/mtv-vmas-video-music-awards-teaser-1202501650/
  5. Glory Exceeds 700 Thousand copies sold!

    Yeah, I would be excited if this happened six months ago tbh.
  6. Something I Noticed...

    I want to believe she is working on a new song for the summer. Yeah, and then I woke up.
  7. Hacked viber with Britney emote :D

    Queen of hackers!! and of Viber.
  8. BTS of OIDIA video, filmed by Felicia for Britney's website

    I've never seen this before. Love it!! Thanks for posting!!
  9. Here's An Idea.... #BritneyArmy #VMAs2017

    Invitation as an opening song yaaaay! Remember the first time I played Glory and Invitation began playing... it was glorious indeed.
  10. I will defend this song till the day I die

    I was obsessed with this track a while back. I find the beginning of the song kinda dark and I love it. Funny how when FF was released I didn't care much about it.
  11. Today Marks Make Me’s 1 Year Anniversary!

    Amazing song, awful video. Still this song is my jam.
  12. call me crazy but i still believe

    I honestly don't see it coming.
  13. What Britney need To do ? ( if she want to )

    She needs to get better at performing. Promote more. Evolve as an artist. I don't think it would be so hard for her to become the best again.
  14. I'm only gonna say this once!

    One of my favorites from Glory!