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Gimme More

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    You wanna live fancy.... So get to Work Bitch.
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    Cheerleading, Ballet, Dance, Horses, Music, My Friends

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  1. Hey gurl, where are you? :nickyoung:

  2. Honestly, they have all been really nice to me so far. I guess I haven't fucked up yet.
  3. It does sound awesome.
  4. Happy Birthday. You have a great birthday. It is the same as mine.
  5. What a cute shirt with a cute person on it.
  6. I really hope she can put the whole Dr. Luke stuff behind her and really be happy with the music she is making. I think with this it shows that it is going in the right direction.
  7. I have watched some of them as well as ones with Xtina and Ryan Gosling. Britney is awesome.
  8. Yes indeed. The Queen of talent.
  9. Thank You.
  10. So pretty.
  11. Thanks, Yep, I'm having a blast.
  12. Thank You so much. I am going to have a blast with all my cheer friends.
  13. What a great photo.
  14. Britney is such an awesome dancer and I believe she could dance circles around just about any other musician out there.