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  1. Love it they only gave tribute to legends
  2. TJ was such a ham lmao! He was the dancing lip syncing the words on stage at her shows
  3. .............................
  4. I wouldn't mind another Collab.....Toms Diner was flawless......as long as it is NOT another Pretty Girls.
  5. With Britney Spears' Asian tour in full swing, several copies of the new version of Glory were sold there. According to ChartMaster, in the last 3/4 months the ninth studio album of our Princess sold more than 40k, surpassing more than 700 thousand copies sold with streams, Physical Sales: 370 thousand Digital Sales: 128 thousand Streams: 211 thousand Total: 709 thousand. "Britney Jean", got its first million copies worldwide after 4 years. Good Job Brit!
  6. I'd like her to take time for herself.
  7. I rlly like this
  8. I mean yes it could def be chance they wouldnt want to announce their performer so early Or maybe Britney will be taking some much deserved time off , or working on a new Project.
  9. FF was SOOO FUCKING FLAWLESS! One of her best tracks ever. - bows to Kesha for writing it Britney for performing it in that classic Britney style
  10. I like it I wish tho you would make a zip with the tracks separated. My one and only complaint
  11. Girl I know that is right!! Britney nailed it and did just fine on Glory
  12. If this happens she is going to have to rlly step it up! Pre-recorded tracks / if not half live. And a much better choreographer. I LOVE YOU BRITNEY But Super Bowl people will expect you to Do and " okay" job so BLOW THEIR MINDS APART!
  13. I love how messy this is
  14. I think Wendy is a closet fan deep down . In Wendys defense ( as annoying as she is!!!! ) She did turn the negative vibe . But she annoys me with just saying shit for attention.. Honestly to do Superbowl Britney will have to step up the game a lot.