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  1. main page Britney FT. Pitbull – Hey Ma Leaked

  2. main page Britney FT. Pitbull – Hey Ma Leaked

    damn wish this was a solo track her voice is on slay!
  3. Britney Jean (Album) Appreciation Thread

    Actually some of her best songs are on Britney Jean......why even lie Hold On Tight is LIFE! Work Bitch is Iconic. I could go on.
  4. New Instagram Post (December 2nd) #HappyBirthdayBritneySpears

    Awww that was so sweet of him! I am more angry than happy to hear her sing this way ....I respect how she wants to make music but she is cheating herself and us out of a BEAUTIFUL VOICE!
  5. Rumor: Justin Bieber's New Single "Here For It" Will Feature Britney?!!

    I am here for it , even tho I am not a Beiber fan I would be lying to my own face saying he does not sell and that his music doesn't play well on Mainstream....Get our girl out there I am down for it. And for all we know it could be a bomb ass track .
  6. Would you rather?

    Trump , lmao sorry the tracks have left RCA and I am sure will surface at some point or another.
  7. "The Double Life Of Britney Spears"

    This is why I never hate or judge her for not being in the light 24/7 with promos and etc etc etc. Her boys are her light . I love Brit she has given me so much in my life especially as a Queer teenager. Why wouldn't I want that for her?
  8. Britney Spears – Romantic Collection 2017 (Fanmade Megamix) [Full Audio]

    Cant wait to listen and review this
  9. Blackout Demo Cd??

    Does anyone know of any links that has the demos and etc? I would greatly appreciate ya!
  10. I want Britney to revive the 90s alt-pop-rock sound

    I am actually 100% down for this
  11. They def. took appropriate action. And I would be scared too , you never know who a person jumping on a stage is Could just be a rlly huge crazy fan or someone who wants to harm her , question is the chance worth taking to find out with her exposed to the person......the answer is no
  12. New Robin Leach rumor on Twitter

    Hey if its a shpw she changs up and it makes her and her children happy than I am def. Ok with this. I'd rather her be performing and etc than nothing , and she still makes bomb music...so I support what makes her happy she has given us YEARS of her life guys.
  13. Which of your fave song from Glory is now for you overplayed?

    None yet
  14. Most personal Britney song to you

    Thanks everyone for sharing! Seems we kinda get to be closer knowing these things.
  15. Most personal Britney song to you