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  1. Britney Spears – Romantic Collection 2017 (Fanmade Megamix) [Full Audio]

    Cant wait to listen and review this
  2. Blackout Demo Cd??

    Does anyone know of any links that has the demos and etc? I would greatly appreciate ya!
  3. I want Britney to revive the 90s alt-pop-rock sound

    I am actually 100% down for this
  4. They def. took appropriate action. And I would be scared too , you never know who a person jumping on a stage is Could just be a rlly huge crazy fan or someone who wants to harm her , question is the chance worth taking to find out with her exposed to the person......the answer is no
  5. New Robin Leach rumor on Twitter

    Hey if its a shpw she changs up and it makes her and her children happy than I am def. Ok with this. I'd rather her be performing and etc than nothing , and she still makes bomb music...so I support what makes her happy she has given us YEARS of her life guys.
  6. Which of your fave song from Glory is now for you overplayed?

    None yet
  7. Most personal Britney song to you

    Thanks everyone for sharing! Seems we kinda get to be closer knowing these things.
  8. Most personal Britney song to you

  9. Most personal Britney song to you

    I can see why that track is a home hitter with the feels.
  10. Most personal Britney song to you

    Girl In The Mirror and Heart when I was bullied in High School
  11. Most personal Britney song to you

    Oh wow I love how much time u placed in your answer. It is amazing that I am sitting here nodding in so much things I read from you in agreeing.
  12. Most personal Britney song to you

    Omg great one I forgot about Alien!
  13. Most personal Britney song to you

    Sorry for the white font I copied my post from another forum lol
  14. Most personal Britney song to you

    Of course you can mention more than one. No laughing at peoples responses please ! Hold On Tight - I had a very good relationship that seriously seemed like it was sh!t you only would reading a book....He died so I think the fact I dream of him and etc that song rlly stood out to me and hit me unexpectedly Stronger - This is an Anthem for me that rlly can apply to anything in life for me ....if its a bad guy , family issues , abuse , being bullied it has always made me feel..well Stronger
  15. New Avatar For Twitter @absolutebritney

    This is actually very pretty good work!