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  1. I just bought tickets to Piece Of Me!

    Have a blast!!
  2. May 10th B-days

    Thank you. ???
  3. I'm definitely going to miss seeing her in Vegas, but I'm excited for whatever's next for the queen. I'm a little selfish and hope she starts another residency at the end of 2018/start of 2019.
  4. BEST And WORST Moments Of The Same Choreography #PieceOfMe

    I am so proud of her. This woman makes me so fucking happy.
  5. I can't get over how amazing last night was. My full vids are here; Out of the 13 shows I've been to last night's was definitely the most slayed I've ever been.
  6. Britney added some new choreography in tonights POM

    She kept forgetting choreo tonight (or couldn't do it with some of these new costumes) but damn she looked good. it's just the second show of the run so maybe she just needed to shake the jitters off.
  7. I'll be at 3/24 and 3/25 Piece Of Me

    Hey, is anyone else heading to church (Piece Of Me) tonight or tomorrow? I'm GA-Left tonight and GA-Right tomorrow. I'll likely have clips and pics up on Twitter & Insta shortly after each show and will get full vids uploaded as soon I can.
  8. Piece Of Me 3.0 In March

    You slay me.
  9. Brinny's nipple was hanging out tonight

    Britney, if you ever troll this page: I fucking love you. I say don't care about what anyone says and wear the outfit again on Friday. If you want a hot body, you better work bitch!
  10. Whos is ready for Miss Britney to be back in Vegas World?

    I get to see her again on her March run... I can't wait!
  11. Her next tour...

    I would love to see her change Vegas venues or have them dramatically reconstruct the Piece Of Me stage, rename the show, complete new setlist, and new choreography w/ pre-recorded vocals. I think she could still do a lot of good in Vegas! And that's coming from someone who has seen the show more than 10 times.
  12. Her next tour...

    I just don't feel Britney could sell out arenas like she used to. Weren't they selling her tickets for really cheap on Groupon during FFT? I love our Queen so much, but she just isn't mainstream pop anymore (Slumber Party hasn't even reached 50 million views and she's all but making out with another woman). She's not a has been by any means, but she's not Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber who are in their absolute prime right now. Britney's fans are mostly in their late twenties and early thirties with children, and it's not as easy for them to be obsessed with a new album or buying expensive tickets to see her in concert as they have mortgages to pay. You still hear Britney referred to as the "Toxic" singer or "Oops she did it again!" (Yawn) If Britney does anything less than an arena tour, people will say she can't sell. If she does an arena tour and can't fill seats, people will say she can't sell. Vegas is safe, and she's making plenty of money there so I wouldn't be surprised to see it extend another 2 years.
  13. Slayber Party Music Video Thread..LINK HERE!!! #Slayed

    I'm so proud to worship such an amazing queen. I'm totally shook like omg.
  14. ????? Thanks for sharing your exclusive. ?
  15. That's why I'm here. Where are they?