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B Army
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  1. No one will ever top Britney

    i actually believe that too, madonna has a long career obviously, but britney has that charisma no other popstar has, she has that special magnetism, i can't even explain...
  2. William Orbit for album 9 EP, they can start now if he is slow... the album could be released when the residency ends
  3. question for Britney fans since 1998/1999

    for me it was charisma, her dancing, her catchy songs!!
  4. LEAK: Circus with NEW VOCALS!

    you're welcome i'm a official remixes (unreleased) collector so i know about that stuff, there's even an instrumental version of that one
  5. LEAK: Circus with NEW VOCALS!

    it is not fake it's the junior vasquez tribalectric dub full hq in here https://soundcloud.com/nickharveyarchive/britney-spears-circus-junior
  6. James & I (Britney Unnreleased song info)

    people so kind like you is what this world needs thank you very much
  7. To-Do Plan: Britney Army Trends "Britney Universe"

    let's do it i'm in!!
  8. jordan should start leaking his stuff

    he won't leak shit, i'm glad this is happening now, everybody leaving that hateful forum, he kept shading britney, main paging damaging stuff of her...
  9. Britneys New Hair Style

    britney needs to be forever brunette i love her like that