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  1. LEAK: LMD STEMS (Merry Britmas / Leakhaüsen)

    Again sorry even if I'am a prick you are cool for doing it and I didnt mean that I was close to closing a deal bitter sweet and you are cool just sayin'....
  2. LEAK: LMD STEMS (Merry Britmas / Leakhaüsen)

    Sorry I didn't relise....
  3. Britney Liar and Better trade

    Anyone want to trade I have unleaked Better and Liar stems after LMD and MOTM. PM if you wanna trade Cheers!!
  4. Hi all wanting to trade for Glory stems I have a huge amount of MJ and Britney and one of my new ones is LMD after any glory stems or other Britney or MJ PM to trade!! Thank you!