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  1. Mother's Day B-Days

    aww im sorry i just saw this, but thank you so much
  2. Are You Happy About Medly/bbma Performance?

    My birthday is on the 14th. Best Birthday Ever. It's going to be a great month. Im excited and agree with everyone that this is the best thing for her to do. #SheGotThis
  3. Fierceney During Do Somethin'

  4. She was fantastic. You can tell she was really enjoying herself tonight. I think some of it sounded live, or at least her singing with the track. Loved it, wish i was there.
  5. For My Niece Marleigh

    Marleigh is my beautiful niece who was born without her left hand. She's such a sweetheart, so so smart and she's never let her limb difference stop her from doing anything. She wants to go to this camp for kids just like her. It cost a lot. She derserve's this so much. If you can help, please do. Anything will help. http://www.gofundme.com/MarsBars11109
  6. she looks fan*fuckin*tastic. she's inspiring me to get my ass in shape. LOVE LOVE LOVE HER.
  7. main page Kathy Griffin Talks About Britney Spears

    MTE....i didn't think she was being shady. what gets me is people on here have no problem talking about, and making fun of other celebrites but let someone say something about Britney and all hell breaks loose. im pretty sure that is being a hyprocrite. everybody should just smoke joint and chill the fuck out.
  8. main page Check Out This Awesome Britney Dance

    i liked it, even bald britney. that time in her life is when i started seeing her as a human and not some fantasy i idealized. it made me love her more.
  9. Britney Dating Charlie Ebersol

    He's cute and i give her mad props for having the balls to keep going out there until she finds her man. on the next one.
  10. One Of Her Most Underrated Performances

    kathy griffin
  11. Single You Want To See/hear On Pom?

    i'd like to see her get rid of the ones she doesn't want to do anymore and perform the singles/or songs she wants to. And im more of a lets see some more songs that weren't singles.
  12. Would You Rather Have Itz 2.0 Or Bo 2.0?

  13. main page October 23Rd- Britney Shopping In Thousand Oaks

    yea...sometimes i dont say things cuz its like if you state your opinion about a nose job or lips or anything like that, you will get ripped to shreds. i should be able to say i believe she got a small nose job without fearing someones gonna rip me a new asshole...ya know. im not "trolling" or bashing. im a huge fan and have been 15 years. so i just keep my opinions to myself.........anyways, she looks fantastic as always.