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  1. snap chat

    if you wanna snap chat me add me !!! samueltm
  2. Xtina body during her prime was just .....

    it wasn't that great
  3. The big sigs thing is shit

    maybe your computer is shit
  4. Ultraviolence

    Nope found the link y'all . Haven't looked but it all looks leaked http://lanadelreynow.tumblr.com
  5. Ultraviolence

    So did the songs leak??
  6. do ya'll think guns should be banned?

    Yas please!! But if they don't I think ima get one!
  7. Why do people like Kanye West

    He has good music
  8. Someone Give Me Universe Money Tbh

    oh yes me too as well
  9. IGOTYOUCRAZY appreciation thread

  10. Technically?

  11. Technically?

    that's very cool
  12. James & I (Britney Unnreleased song info)

    omg I love early mornin i must have
  13. Conclusion: difference between here and exhell

    Take me to your venus