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Ricki Lake

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  1. The B Army needs to start an ad agency with all the marketing experts here
  2. wut? A tour, Vegas show and new music.. what is disappointing about that?
  3. Britney is working on a secret project

    or Piece of Me
  4. 2006ney buys her own "ITZ" CD!

    Yes, they did a special surround mix for the whole album http://www.highfidelityreview.com/britney-spears.html.
  5. 2006ney buys her own "ITZ" CD!

    ITZ was released on a surround-sound DVD
  6. Why Is No One Talking About the Unreleased Glory Song?

    hi baby it's a good track, but I agree that site is a mess. She dumped i.will.suck and all the other garbage from her life.. looks like BH went out with the trash
  7. Does anyone else get irritated...

    idk people make a huge deal out of Instagram posts and the last thing she needs is to post a selfie in the kitchen with knives in the background and the media takes it as a suicide note. If I had an IG account that has millions of followers, I would want someone to proof it for me just in case. Not saying that she doesn't know how to work it.
  8. but they are a part of history. Why would you remove that?
  9. Should we have also left the "Whites Only" signs above drinking fountains and bathrooms, since they're a part of history?
  10. I was watching old footage of Marilyn Monroe and sometimes she really looks like Britney. They have the same mannerisms when they laugh.
  11. How would you react if the headline were "Britney Spears killed in terrorist attack after security urged her to stay on stage" Better safe than sorry.
  12. Do you like this version of "Now That I Found You"?

    It's too slow
  13. Do You Wanna Come Over (Piano Version) (with ProTools lead vocals)!!!

    Clip not found