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  1. RUMOR - Britney might be leaving RCA

    I really hope she does change labels (if her handlers and her father let her...) maybe FINALLY after over 15 years she can actually have control over her career, sing in her natural voice and do what she fucking wants! Britney is treated like shit by RCA and Jive when they'd be nothing without her. She's the queen of pop and she needs to be fucking treated like it.
  2. Hey...

    Can you please do that for me please
  3. Hey...

    It sounds as clear as glass. How did you even make/find this??
  4. The weird track from each Britney album

    *Puts hand in the air* I think I was confused by the assignment...
  5. The weird track from each Britney album

    Bomt : Email my heart Oops: Don't go knockin on my door Britney: That's where you take me Itz: It got that boom boom Blackout: Radar Circus: RADAR Ff: Big fat bass Bj: Chillin with you Glory: Private show
  6. Break the ice is iconic! I wish she would perform the whole song. It's such an underrated song tbh