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  1. Sunset Fantasy

    Is it true?? that pic is fugly and the editing is
  2. Britney Thinks Her Career Is 20 Years Already

    She signed with Jive in 1997 and that was the start: the creating process
  3. I Finally Took a Shower!

    Is your shower as big as a gym?
  4. An Early Reflection

    Nice points. True, she has done so much and let's hope she will do that much for many years to come
  5. I think that she is working on here hands. She used to shake her hands so much, like it was a stress thing or she did not know how to complete the gaps in the choreography. In this POM it looks she is doing things with less hurry and more fluently. yes!!
  6. Album Ranking - 2017

    This is mine: 1) Blackout 1) Piece of me 2) Gimme More 3) Break the ice 4) Heaven on Earth 5) Freakshow 2) In the zone 1) Toxic 2) Everytime 3) Breathe on me 4) Touch of my hand 5 ) Shadow 3) Femme Fatale 1) Hold it against me 2) Inside out 3) Criminal 4 ) Trip to your heart 5) Selfish 4) Glory 1) Slumber Party 2) Make me 3) Change your mind 4 ) Invitation 5) Man on the moon 5) Circus 1) Womanizer 2) Circus 3) Unusual you 4 ) If u seek amy 5) Blur 6) Britney 1) I'm a slave 4 u 2) Overprotected 3) Boys 4) Lonely 5 ) I love rock n roll 7) Oops 1) Stronger 2) Don't let me be the last to know 3) Oops 4) Don't go knockin' on my door 5) Satisfaction 8) Baby one more time 1) Baby one more time 2) Born to make you happy 3) Crazy 4) I will be there 5) the beat goes on 9) Britney Jean 1) Work Bitch 2)Til it's gone 3) Hold on tight 4) Don't Cry 5) Alien
  7. I was watching this video few days ago! I do agree with the camera angles an everything! It was eye candy
  8. She doesn't believe in marriage anymore so i think this is BS. And I aso doubt she would marry a 20ish years old boy
  9. We must talk about her POM 100% LIVE PERFORMANCE!!!!!

    Yes Britney tell them!! I was slayeddd! yes contralto voiceee
  10. The original is so much better than this. Too robotic
  11. I actually miss this costume

    Pocahontas vibes tbh I like it too!
  12. I am sorry for the fans who paid for the show and for all people working, from Britney to the dancers to the band