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  1. @estherilla I used to work for AccorHotels and they are a big company. Try to send them emails and they will answer you in English do not worry. Let us know what they told you!
  2. VS I am impressed! What do you think?
  3. Pitbull collab this summer?

    No please no. I wish she would release as a single artist. She is doing too many collabs in a row
  4. The garment pushes up her ass a bit. It looks phenomenal!

    Could be but I don't know... I cannot immagine them collaborating together
  6. She should wear this for the tour

    I love when she wears trousers and flat shoes. I would love that. I'm very tired of the boots
  7. I got the Ultimate Upgrade!

    You are so lucky! Happy for you!
  8. New iconic gif from BBMA!

  9. I wanted to go to the London show but it was sold out so quickly I could not believe it! I was in time for Dublin so I am still Happy!! this will be my first time watching the Queen
  10. first post

    Welcome in the community!!
  11. What do you think will happen 2018?

    A new album and world tour would be amazing! However, it is very unlikely. She will probably just do a few shows in Europe and a few interviews maybe. I just hope she will release a single to promote the tour and she will change POM a bit. She has time to revamp it tbh
  12. Check out this tweet by Vulture

    OMG! are they trolling?
  13. Can we talk about how cute Sam is?

    just cute ??? If that is just cute than half population