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  1. OMG the choreo looks so much better in this video than in the actual video. Love itt
  2. Great song, probably very underrated by the GP
  3. No. RCA manager said she is not releasing new music. Unless it is the 3 single out of Glory, but i really doubt it
  4. You are right, the song is one of the most underrated! as much as Toy Soldier
  5. They bring back Britney at the Superbowl every year because bitches need promo and publicity. loosers
  6. TTWE is so overrated tbh. HIAM is soo much better in my opinion. TTWE has something so irritating and basic
  7. Wendy is so dumb and irrilevant tbh. Britney probably barely knows who she is
  8. THIS. But I hope it is true because it would be a big thing
  9. It is new for me as well! She is so beautiful and interesting! thanks for posting
  10. OMG BTI July 3rd I think she was missing big stages. She looks pumped af. She needs a world tour tbh
  12. This tbh. People do not realize how artistic she is and experienced.
  13. main page

    Of course she wouldn't say : yes, I playback all the time. But the just wanted to point out,between the lines, that it is now big news eheh
  14. The MAMT beginning choreo of 2013 was so good! better than now tbh! I did not remember that!
  15. OMG this interview is amazing! She is soo real, kind and beatiful in so many way. Love her