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  1. Disappointed AF tbh

    omg yes!! Also. If I had any cool stems and stuff, I would share 'em with you mama
  2. Fan Made store

    Try ebay. They have a lot there (and some of it is cheap)
  3. I didn't know she copied the POM version of Toxic it's very cool and interesting tho edit: It's from Yael Naim's 2007-album named "Yael Naim" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yael_Naim_(album)
  4. 01:55 "Det totælt blæret, hun er ik genert. Kjolen op i vejret, viser mig hendes Britney Spears" "It's totally snobbish. She's not shy. Dress up, shows me her Britney Spears" (like.. a vagina )
  5. I'm here for it tbh I just hope they use what they have learned from POM, and transform it into a great show
  6. can anyone relate to this

  7. What do you think will happen 2018?

    What I really want from 2018
  8. Can we talk about how cute Sam is?

    I'm curious. Why do you think that? Sam has never used Britney to promote himself, his magazine covers, his personal trainer programs, his acting gigs, his videos or anything. Example. In his second Iron Man cover they asked him about Britney. I quote "Ever the gentleman, Asghari demured from commenting on his current relationship with the world-famous megastar" - https://www.ironmanmagazine.com/fitness-is-his-foundation/ If they break up you will only find shit about him when you look him up on Google. That would ruin his career for many, many, many years. So what would he gain from that? Also. If you Google him now you will just find "Britney Spears' boytoy". Finding anything about the movie his playing in is hard. Finding any information about his business is hard. How does that benefit him?
  9. Can we talk about how cute Sam is?

    I doubt she spends that much on him (if any). He has his own career and makes his own money
  10. Can we talk about how cute Sam is?

    They posted a video together right after that post, and it's so cute!
  11. "4 years of legacy, 4 years of greatness, a change in entertainment for the better! Extremely proud of my baby for kicking ass again tonight, but this time to end #pieceofme In Vegas after 4 years of residency. What a night ❤️ Happy New Year ??? #GOAT#britneyspears" (#GOAT = Greats Of All Time) And the nicknames he has for her is so cute (and a little cringeworthy), like lioness I can't remember any of her ex' write so many cute things about her Also: "? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ONE AND ONLY ?Thank you for being you, thank you for showing me the true meaning of a beautiful woman and a strong mother, and most of all thank you for being mine. I consider myself the luckiest man on this planet ?❤️? @britneyspears #luckiestmanalive" "#wcw ❤️ Woman crush Wednesday goes to the most beautiful lioness @britneyspears" "Her smile makes me crazy ?❤️? @britneyspears"
  12. Is any of her collabs coming on New Year's Eve? I thought G-Eazy would join her, but he has his own show that day. Tinashe hasn't written anything about NYE, so maybe she'll drop by