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  1. Should Britney perform at the 2017 BBMAs?

    I second the Glory medley. Her BBMA performance last year was ace. I think a medley would be great considering she may never perform a lot of the other Glory songs live.
  2. Slé. Climbing it's way slowly to the top of the charts as it should.
  3. They gave Cameron Dallas the Britney award SHE won!

    I had a feeling she wouldn't show up to the PCAs considering she has a show in Vegas tonight. She only acknowledged on Twitter about her win with Ellen.
  4. Yay!! Finally some Billboard news we can celebrate to!!
  5. My Only Wish (This Year) Radio Requesting Campaign!

    Wow flawless stations have already added this. Love this!!
  6. I've been waiting for this all month! So excited! I will definitely add "My Only Wish (This Year)" this to my daily radio text messages rotation.
  7. Just voted also. Wow Slumber Party is slaying the poll!
  8. We slipped down one spot. This is why EVERYONE should do their part and request daily. If you have a U.S. start texting the numbers above. Otherwise, Twitter is another great option if you are outside the U.S.
  9. I just voted like 20 times. Is there really no voting limit? Every vote 100 times!
  10. I feel like a broken record but don't stop requesting everyone. We can't let this momentum die! Rise!
  11. Can't wait for this!! Coming for that #1 dance song! Slé.
  12. Really exciting stuff! Can't wait! Anything new planned for the Universe? It appears to be all Britney-Galaxy focused.
  13. I just voted. This is like the worst voting system though.