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  1. RUMOR - Britney might be leaving RCA

    Bout time she leaves that company if this is true. Maybe then she'd get that much needed promotion on her future singles and albums
  2. X Factorney

    This one's one my favorites. And it's true, only she can make all kinds of faces and STILL look cute?
  3. So for #B10....

    I think she should experiment with new stuff this time. Be innovative. Who knows, maybe she'd set a new trend? But yeah, I'd really like her to experiment with new styles, maybe include heavier stuff (rock) in her album. See what happens.
  4. About This Section

    No idea, probably just drink at my friend's apartment which is nothing new? except that it'd be legal then. I'll also find time to celebrate with my family, if not the real bd date then a day soon after. So, nothing very special
  5. About This Section

    Just posting this to let you guys know I'll turn 18 in 13 days (26th)
  6. My Britney Collection! [Updated]

    Looking good!
  7. Win A Trip To See The Final #PieceOfMe Show On New Years Eve!!!

    I wish more countries were eligible. And I also wish I was 19 days older?
  8. New Instagram Post (November 1st - 2nd)

    This, save the tags for important stuff
  9. Your thoughts about this picture?

    Glad to have you back. Suddenly this thread became a helluva lot more interesting
  10. Your thoughts about this picture?

    I also think for her it's just a way to relax, to escape the stress for a while
  11. My little Britney Collection

    Still bigger than my collection
  12. Can You Be Gay and Asexual at the Same Time?

    Nope. Those are two very different things. That's all I can say, I don't think I'm the right person to give any specific advice about this subject.
  13. Lol In my case I'm not fat (or even slightly overweight, I'm actually very skinny). But yeah, that would bring a lot of motivation tho
  14. Me while reading this: "Damn, where did she find motivation for that?" *drinks Pepsi*
  15. I Need Advice - Britney T-Shirts

    I also have the Britney Bitch shirt. It's a nice part of my small collection but I also wear it sometimes because why not?