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  1. I understand her well. She's a busy woman and I'm glad she still makes time for meeting fans, even if it's for just a moment. And they clearly weren't complaining, I'd be happy too if I was in their position
  2. I agree that she's been putting more effort in her personal life (which is the right choice), especially her body. It's been noticed here too and I bet many ppl get motivation to work out from Britney. And even tho she doesn't sing live the non autotune leaks have proven that she can definitely still sing
  3. I don't know anyone kinder than Britney. But she sure as hell can also defend herself against certain ppl and I love those moments!
  4. Yes, I'm 17 years old. I've heard before that cheerleading isn't gender restricted sport but I bet nearly everyone is female
  5. Thanks!
  6. It would drive me crazy as well??? Thank God there's earphones...
  7. I also know how hard it is, I'm a smoker myself (yes I know, I'm underage). I did manage to be without them for a month tho so I know it's possible. I've also planned to quit permanently after I've fixed my life and don't have this much stress. Hopefully I'll succeed. I also hope Britney quits smoking if she gets the chance to try it
  8. Yes, ppl should listen to different types of music and make their own opinions instead of using the radio to find new music to listen to. I've never understood this mainstream culture... and I'll never will. I guess many would call me a hipster in this subject, which I also identify as. There are too many ppl who don't make their own opinions
  9. You know what those ppl are called? Normies, ppl who only follow the mainstream stuff. I personally listen to stuff that's not on the radio that much, like metal and hip hop/rap. Britney is actually the only pop artist I listen to but that hasn't stopped me from liking Michael Jackson for example
  10. Age really doesn't matter when talking about what music you listen to. I like many 80's songs for example. I bet one day long after Britney and we all here are gone, there will be someone who'll be listening to Britney and wishing he/she had lived in this time
  11. Me neither. Britney said Glory is like her baby. The team (I assume it was the team's decision) threw Britney's baby away, didn't release the full potential... and here we are now
  12. Glory does still have potential. A lot of us wish there had been a third single released but Britney's team has decided that it won't happen. Idk what they're planning (maybe something about B10?), but the promotion hasn't been put enough effort in. First there's Make Me, the first single, featuring G Eazy. They recorded a music video but decided to replace it with another (worse imo) one. Then there's Slumber Party, the second single which got Tinashe featuring in it. That music video was very good. And ofc these singles were added to POM. Plus the Private Show fragnance and commercial video. There are still songs in it that have a lot of potential as possible singles. The team could have made fantastic music videos and added more Glory songs to POM. But for some reason they decided to stop here...
  13. Reminds me of this classic
  14. Yeah... maybe one day...
  15. Maybe it's just a song among others and the team just didn't think it fits the setlist. I do like conspiracy theories but...