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  1. Glad to have you back. Suddenly this thread became a helluva lot more interesting
  2. I also think for her it's just a way to relax, to escape the stress for a while
  3. Still bigger than my collection
  4. Nope. Those are two very different things. That's all I can say, I don't think I'm the right person to give any specific advice about this subject.
  5. Lol In my case I'm not fat (or even slightly overweight, I'm actually very skinny). But yeah, that would bring a lot of motivation tho
  6. Me while reading this: "Damn, where did she find motivation for that?" *drinks Pepsi*
  7. I also have the Britney Bitch shirt. It's a nice part of my small collection but I also wear it sometimes because why not?
  8. I'd be surprised if he HADN'T been interested
  9. Sometimes I wonder if the American gun laws will ever stricten. It's not the 19th century anymore. The police is protecting ppl there now, no need to allow them to buy any other weapons than those for hunting
  10. I've never understood the mainstream anyway. Every other artist I listen to makes heavier music. And in that industry age and looks truly don't matter. I wish Britney would also give heavier music a try, she's got the voice for it. As for the questions yoy asked: I don't think dating a 30 year old would work for me because the maturity level is honestly too different
  11. Not for me tho (I'm 17). I think it's weird how so many ppl my age think 30 is old. A person who's 30 still has many many good years left in life and imo a woman over 30 can still be very attractive (although in music that shouldn't matter a lot, it should be the voice that matters the most)
  12. Gotta be prepared when the Olympics actually arrive lol
  13. She could easily become a professional model
  14. I agree, there's a difference between healthy constructive critisism and what some "fans" do
  15. Haven't heard it, and probably won't anytime soon because I don't listen to much radio (except a couple alternative channels we have here in Finland)