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  1. As much as I'd love a third single (I don't even care what song anymore), I remember reading that RCA (I think it was RCA) confirmed that the Glory era is ended and no third single will be released...
  2. You really should make a Britney room, you most certainly have enough stuff to fill it. I don't have nearly that much so I'll just keep on dreaming?
  3. Bumpidy bump HOLY SHIT HOW MUCH MONEY DID YOU SPEND? I guess you have a room only for these?
  4. I love how she actually keeps in touch with her fans. Not everyone does that
  5. Nowadays ppl do anything for fame. I wouldn't be surprised if soon the news said that Katy's having a breakdown. No sympathy for Katy from me if she does that... and even if it was real, it's karma, bitch. Still no sympathy
  6. So, according to rumours Katy is about to have a breakdown? Can someone send me links? I wanna see for myself and sending links on PM doesn't count on breaking the rules, right?
  7. Same, tbh I didn't even think about why Sam wasn't with her
  8. Yeah, imo an artist's success shouldn't be measured in chart positions or sale numbers. It should be measured in how much the fans are willing to support keeping the artist making new music and performing. Britney is a perfect example of an artist successful in this way. The B Army has managed to keep Britney in the industry for long after she hasn't been mainstream and on top of the charts anymore. That is true success. Having real fans that alone can keep you in the industry and always support you in both your ups and downs!
  9. This. Tbh I don't even wish Britney becomes mainstream again in the GP. Because: 1. She herself doesn't seem to want it anymore, she's got us to keep her in the business, and 2. All those annoying normies would be everywhere calling themselves "fans" when they don't even have their own taste in music, they just listen to what's popular and try to blend in the flow...
  10. Nah, I got a Gear VR
  11. Yes, definitely new vocals! It gives a more real mood to her concerts