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  1. Too fast, too soon, and I really don't think after all her previous relationships she'd get married that easily. She's smart
  2. Nah lol This is how it's supposed to be! Britney reminding ppl every once in a while that she CAN sing a full song live
  3. Such my luck... First it was sold out while I was sleeping. Then later after it came back, when I counted the final price including import taxes I would have to pay about 100€. For ONE vinyl.
  4. This. Someone has to say to her that the leotards are ugly! This is much better
  5. Looks like something for ppl who can't let go of the past to me
  6. Me if this turns out to be true
  7. None for me
  8. I loved that episode
  9. Gotta share this. She's been noticed here too and the more I see the more I freak out so I edited a meme and this is the result
  10. Wow, didn't take many hours after I started wondering what her next personal post will be before she actually posted! Now I can rest in peace knowing she's back
  11. I'll show this to @laracroftonline
  12. For me, Stronger is definitely the song I can relate the most. I've been through a whole lot of trouble in my life. I've become stronger (thank you Britney) and that song is like a personal anthem to me. I'm sure it'll help me in the future as well since I still have some trouble to go through
  13. True that, but really nice to see again something from the account. Now we'll just wait for a random post from B herself. Wonder what it'll be...
  15. Good, I won't need to brace for spam