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  1. Bitch please? Where do they find these "journalists"?
  2. The Watchmojo guys don't like anything Britney does, I've noticed that. But I've unsubscribed a long time ago anyway
  3. So Google Indexed Some Upcoming Events To Britney Spears?!!!

    Damn... I read the original headline from Twitter, got so excited I stopped everything I was doing, came here immediately and then I see this edit...
  4. Spearitual Sunday Service -12/10/17

    Same, she deserves better than RCA
  5. Oh God... Is this real?

    The only thing he said that I liked hearing was that POM will be gone for good. And I'd like to see her acting too! Everything else on the other hand... But I'll remain sceptical untill information from an actually reliable source comes
  6. I just did a little piece of me video

    Could be a lot worse. And you chose a good backtrack
  7. I just did a little piece of me video

    Not bad
  8. My ranking of Britney's 3rd albumBritney

    Remember that big song rating thing (all of her songs)? I knew it's impossible for me so that's why I didn't participate. I can't even choose one favorite Britney song yet alone rate all of them...
  9. Britney Jean (Album) Appreciation Thread

    It's not THAT bad. I think it's the worst of her albums but I still listen to it sometimes. And it did give us the ultimate workout song! Sometimes I feel like ppl forget that.
  10. I like the song a lot too! Too bad I can't find a Deluxe FF from anywhere here... or Circus or Blackout. I'd love to be able to listen to that and more of her songs on CD
  11. Look what arrived for me on her birthday!

    Niiice! I wish I'd find one too (that I could actually order)?
  12. Would you rather?

    Wasn't that hard lol Tracks
  13. Probably because no label staff should be that stupid. But hey, now there's hope for new leaks!
  14. Rumor: Justin Bieber's New Single "Here For It" Will Feature Britney?!!

    Please don't be true... I don't want JB to benefit from Britney's talent