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  1. Nah, I'd definitely remember if I had seen her, even shortly
  2. Just curious
  3. That was an interesting dream... have you had any other dreams where Britney has showed up?
  4. Just get yourself in big trouble and the rest will be a piece of cake. I'm getting a conservator when I turn 18 for example
  5. Wow, that's a lot of money! And thanks for the luck wishes, I'm really gonna need that. I know that it's now more sure than ever that I'll need a conservator to get myself outta all my trouble. My debt is 7k€, all a result of my recent second biggest breakdown... but I can survive this, eventually... plus now I won't have to worry about possible student loans because I won't be able to get one
  6. Same, as soon as I turn 18. I'm in serious debt now and I'm gonna need someone to manage that with me
  7. I wish I had more knowledge about the legal system. Idk much because it varies in every single state and laws are always complicated, especially because English is not my mother language. It's indeed true that we can't know for sure what her mental state is. There could be a perfectly good reason for keeping the c-ship and she could be happy with the freedom she has now. However, America is a place that can have corruption easier than many other western countries. It's a culture where money speaks more than in Europe for example. So basicly we can only guess at this point wherther or not there's corruption involved in this case. Maybe she is happy, maybe she's struggling behind the scenes. We can always hope that it's the previous option. But as long as we don't know the truth, there will be a lot of theories involved
  8. I would take at least my Britney keychain because the keys can be used in a survival sittuation. Then I would take my BOMT poster so I could see her smile when things go badly. And then the POM poster too because I wouldn't have anything to play my albums on so they would be useless for me... I don't have that much Britney items... (yet!)
  9. She's changed her username
  10. Looks like an interesting channel, thanks for sharing! I wish I knew if there's more videos coming tho, but I ordered it anyway
  11. It's an interesting topic tho, don't you think?
  12. She might seem happy, but ofc that's what they want ppl to think. A c-ship can be a lot more than just financial decisions, especially with a celebrity. Imo, there must be a lot more happening behind the scenes than the media let's us understand. It's true that she lives in a bubble, but is it really worth it? Does it really do good to her mental health to live such a restricted life? This gives me a sign that she hasn't completely recovered. If she had, she would have much more power now. Or maybe Jamie wants to keep control because he earns a lot of money from it. After all, it's America, where money matters more than health (both mental and physical). Jamie and probably many many others are definitely hiding a lot of stuff. But maybe one day those scenes will come crushing down and ppl will see the truth. And hopefully Britney will be free again...
  13. "Britney should retire" Says a woman who's over 50 years old and working herself If Britney wanted to retire young she would have done it already I think she'll keep on working as long as she has enough passion to her work, which will hopefully last at least a few more decades
  14. This is what happened??
  15. Depends on where she goes. If (or when) she comes to Europe then yes, absolutely! I could never get enough money to fly to the other side of the world so... And I won't care at all if it's just POM on the road, I haven't been to a Britney concert before so it will be worth it!