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  1. Official Make Me Instrumental!

    Someone needs to do an acapella
  2. mhhh...are you sure this isn't filtered?
  3. Thank you.Now only the UK import is to be checked
  4. so could you verify what it's said in the OP?
  5. Did you rip them directly from CD or did you download them?
  6. I want to verify if this is real: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stronger_(Britney_Spears) (the english page hasn't got a section listing all the remixes) so if you see under Remix/Versioni ufficiali (which means Remixes/Official Versions) you can see one item named Mac Quayle Mixshow Edit — 4:51 In B in the Mix: The Remixes UK and Japanese edition only can someone verify if this is real or not? Because od Discogs Japanese and UK releases of BITM have the 5' edit, while here and in other wikipedia pages those albums are said to have the 4' edits.
  7. Just Tell Me Why

    http://www.discogs.com/Britney-Spears-If-U-Seek-Amy-Remixes/release/1815029 it doesn't make any sense to me...two or more tracks are repeated...WTF? And they are exactly the same since I've contacted a seller who told me so... an ideas?
  8. At What Time Will Be The Event?

    yeah it was an ironic question lol...but I'm watching the Apple Event since there won't be any streaming of the Britney Intimate...
  9. At What Time Will Be The Event?

    FUCK! I don't know what to do...one hour before airs the Apple Event...what should I watch ?
  10. I mean EDT (new york time)