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  1. Here is it....

    Pretty Girls was recorded in late 2014 And you're wrong, Mood Ring was recorded in June 2015 according to songwriter and was one of the first post-Pretty Girls songs recorded
  2. Im flop fan...but...

  3. Britney Merchandise You Want To Own...

    I like the black bottle with a message from britney and her signature
  4. Britney Merchandise You Want To Own...

    Mine are Femme Fatale Premium Fan Edition TSC box set Fantasy Anniversary Edition
  5. Here is it....

  6. Hong Kong on June 27 confirmed

    ikr, she will probably add Korea and Taiwan dates too
  7. Here is it....

    Confirmed by goldsoundz on popjustice Original reports were that it was to be released in May, but it got postponed many times, idk why Yes, Liar, Clumsy and Pretty Gowrlz
  8. Does Britney ever still come to Destin?

    Ask papa why is he stealing brit's monayy
  9. Your Favorite Britney Perfume?

    I have 3 Fantasys and I also want Intimate and Island
  10. Yeah if she comes anywhere near me tbh
  11. Your Favorite Britney Perfume?

    Radar Fantasy
  12. Do you thinkl she will add a U.K date?

  13. Look at this, it's flawless