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  1. She lost the general public with PG because of Iggy and the 'message' (even tho the lyrics are literally just stating the truth and nothing but the truth for once so thats odd...) and then she lost her fans because of the Make Me video. it also wouldnt hurt RCA paying radio to play her music for once my local hits station havent played her since S&S but they play Katy 15-20 times a day and YOU KNOW its paid for when nobody wants to hear that song and its out of top 100 after a week yet its being played once every 2 hours.
  2. Britney should buy all of them and wear in Vegas.... #pantsPLEASE
  3. Shes being attacked on twitter for posting some incensitive pic... Both her songs are almost out of top 100 on itunes yet my radio station wont stop playing the new one and praising it....gross but reviewing everything im led to believe shes doing it on purpose... You cannot keep climbing up without falling down before coming out on top... Her comment about the head shaving and breakdown seemed very...foreshadowing. She is flat out using all this to copy Britney and have her own meltdown just so she could make a huge comeback next time...
  4. Yeah it did.... I used to love her so much as well as other people but because she wont stfu and keep preaching on stuff she has nothing to do with (like politics) we all stopped supporting her. you loose respect and become flat out annoying when you share every opinion and moment of your life on social media... theres a reason why reserved celebrities are loved more. also she needs glasses because in case she didnt notice during her concerts all her fans are little girls....smart idea to get involved in polics and sing about eating vaginas...great execution Katy... In shark tank shed get roasted for 'not knowing who your target audience is. How are you running your bussiness ? For that reason im out'
  5. Katy was there to promote her new crappy single as well as to show shes 'relevant' she actually performed it at the show... Theres a video going around of JLO and Madonna looking at her shitty performance like WTF.... Epic. shes releasing more and more perfumes each year while her music career tanks. Clothing line will be next...probably something very rainbowy and slutty
  6. main page

    I liked Nick but DNCE rock more! Nick just keeps on hoping hell eat cake by the ocean .......... Britneys cake.#CakeFatale
  7. Celine is a trend setter amongs women her age and a very respectable figure within the french community. After the death of her husband she started focusing more on making a comeback, style evolution and transitioning into the fashion world... one of her brand new stylists must have bought tickets for her to attend because they found it important but they dressed her up pretty badly. most celebrities that go there are eithers models or singers/actors that are looking to make a statement so they could transition into the fashion world because music doesnt sell... Clothes do. Also being there makes a statement that you are 'hip' and into whats hot....allegedly.
  8. MET gala is the biggest fashion event of the year. Celebrities pay alot of money to be invited and its about showcasing your style and promoting yourself. Britney has nothing to promote, no paticular style and shes not a name that pops into mind when thinking about fashion so shed never attend. It couldve been cool tho
  9. The tribute performance was great and put the VMAs tribute to 1 million shames! the girls they chose to tribute were perfect choices, they looked so hot and into it Sofia killed it with BOMT...it was like watching Britney at her prime Jamie Lynn could have been substituted with Sabrina Caprenter seeing as she was never Disney...
  10. Now that the entire nation is warming up for spring not many people want to go to vegas for the 'weather'
  11. It was the first album with them so they paid for promo and failed. the recording process is not as pricey unless you pay 500k per song from big producers she can record 50 more albums they're just not going to be hyped/promoted unless theres a real world tour truth be told shes promoting in all the wrong places... Nobody watched VMAs or talk shows and her celebrity ranking on instagram is humiliating, 95% of people i asked didnt know Glory nor BJ even existed so...
  12. Britney has more freedom and a life than all of us combined so i wouldnt feel sorry for her... Shes living a typical hollywood mom life with her family close by her side so it doesnt even feel like a CShip. a Cship is in place to protect the person from bad people and poor decision making and i would definately advise that to ALOT of people i knew and 80% of todays young hollywood, as well as a few members on here that are seen bragging about doing dumb stuff. too bad it doesnt stop her from dating douchebags
  13. They can record anything. its not like theyll even be in the same studio in the same city anytime while doing it or promoting it together for that matter
  14. Aww so adorable and basic ! Im banned from going to stores because i end up buying magnum ice cream, strawberry truffles, herb dips, garlic bread, veggie straws, 10 boxes of raspberries, caeser salad, sushi,prunes, pokey sticks, pizza pops, chocolate milks, oversized oikos , jeans and tons tons tons of more crap that i end up throwing or never wearing. havent been to a store in 4 months
  15. Atleast its a healthy obsession compared to like smoking i wouldnt know if he does... Last time i logged in with FB was 11 years ago so i forgot my loggin