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  1. Use Dry Shampoo...
  2. Really thought Miley would get her 4th number one but the irony of that being her first country album and Shania taking the #1 from her after a 15 year hiatus is something... 33k sales first week ?
  3. I just realized how bad her entrance actually is.... It's literally her doing the same silly handshakes in one place 6 times in a row. I thought it was a loop at first x.x
  4. She would get pissed, throw a fit backstage, cancel the rest of her shows and refuse to ever perform again... thats what old Britney would do but such a triger could definately bring her bitchiness back to life
  5. 4 years went by fast... maybe it was a good idea to do Vegas after all i want to say shes unable to sell out arenas even with promo and how her singles and albums flopped HOWEVER Gaga tanked worse and her entire stadium tour is sold out.... But her catch could be a result of redeeming herself vocally during the superbowl.
  6. ⬆️ He's right... Itunes introduced single track purchasing and album previewing which slowly killed the mystery/excitement/need for a full album. Initially it was a good idea because both were selling but then albums dropped and now singles are selling even less (proof - worldwide weekly chart for both albums and singles is filled with japanese/korean acts, chart is dominated by trashy hip hop). Thats not all. The past 4 years seen a constant decline of box office earning sales in north america. this year there is a movie that made 800 million in China alone (its chinese but the only foreign movie to get there).... The entertainment industry in north america is dying and Asia is taking over for the first time...i never thought i would live to see the day. and i blame social media and youtube... Nobody wants to pay for anything or follow celebrities they cant relate to... Personally i would have been more excited about a celebrity if their life was priviate and not tweeted in a shit storm 247... The whole point of celebrities was how fairytail like, disconnected , rare and mysterious their lives were. Right now i can probaboy guess where Britney is and what she is doing better than i can guess where my pets at... (And thats why Taylor,Adele and Beyonce still sell... Media silence and privacy).
  7. Iggy stole some of it because she was mad at her...
  8. Britney needs a DJ Khaled collaboration.... Something like 'wild thoughts'
  9. It kinda makes me wonder. Britneys 'prime' was 1999-2004 (5 years) and her current state was 2005-2017 (12 years). Those 5 years (shouldnt even count 1999 tbh) marked her down for life as 'old Britney' and people always wanted her back but.... Is it really 'old britney' ? Seems to me its more like 'teenager britney'... her post meltdown music videos are as great as her teen work if not better but people just cant look past that.... Is it just because that was the height of her career so thats what people remember her for ? i guess she just packed too much into those 5 years... 4 albums in 5 years and 5 more in the next 12...(1 of which is fake) people dont release albums yearly anymore so other peoples 'prime' seems much longer because every huge era lasts 2 years. maybe theres nothing she can do to be relevant with young people again but youd think her old fanbase would support her. What happened to her huge fanbase ? Did she upset them ? Did they just go stan to more current artists (i know i did but i still support her) ?
  10. Why would you guys feel old ? i know lots of 20some guys and girls who dont know Britney,xtina,jlo,madonna,taylor,katy,miley etc etc if you dont care for pop music or whats trending then its your problem technically speaking though.... Regardless of what your age is, if you dont know one of the biggest artists in history and some of the biggest songs of the past then you live under a rock and that sucks. i dont listen to music past 2005 but i know all the biggest hits of the 90s,80s and even 70s because its important if you care about music...
  11. Stuff i know about Janet : 1. MJs sister. 2. Starry boob at superbowl. 3. 'SCREAM' music video. 4. Rhythm Nation is her song (which i discovered when P!nk covered it for Happy Feet 2). 5. Britney claims she was her idol. 6. She married an arab guy and then divorced him. 7. 'Feedback' and 'just a little while' music videos. 8. She was in an episode of will & grace that ive seen this summer. Things i know about Barbara : 1. Jewish. 2. Meet the fockers 3. Big nose 4. Godzilla on south park. thats it.
  12. *punishment routine*. You punish yourself with extra workout for eating trash... It works once you get used to it youll be so put off by those punishments that even the thought of the food you used to like makes your cringe
  13. Is looking in the mirror and seeing a fat, out of shape person and then looking at old pictures of yourself wondering how people are looking at you in public not motivational enough ? One glance can literally ruin some peoples apetite for days
  14. Go to her house . Say you came all the way from Sweden and that you are interested in having some iced tea. if she says no threaten her that youll tell Max Martin and he will never make music for her until she lets you in.... Larry himself will come and let you in also...out of all places to visit at the states why LA ? Visit New York... Its 1000 times more exciting and not half as filled with egoistic shallow people
  15. I remember cracking open a Playboy back in 2013 and running over to an old co worker and being like 'wanna see something ?' And shes like 'what?' And im like 'pussiessss omg ! Look theres so many of them!!!!' And she was so shocked but we laughted about it and i went to show it to my boss.