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  1. Watched old performences of her in pants or shorts and some tiny top thingy why cant she wear that ? All those leotards make her look old... I miss the days when nobody dared wearing a leotard on stage....thanks alot Madonna
  2. That DJ that works with Justin, Selena and Chainsmokers whats its name ? Major Laser ? maybe Zyan ? Her singing with other women just doesnt work with her current persona (unless its a rapper). It worked fine when she was cool like 2003 with Madonna but with the iced tea, candles, leotards and the mom image she doesnt fit in with any other female singer
  3. 1. Get her 2003 attitude back when she fires back at haters. 2. Voice on 'sing 2'. 3. Rock album
  4. Toxic. its undeniably one of the most iconic, recognized and most influencial music videos of all time... It should be ranked up there with Thriller by now. i dont know anyone who doesnt know Toxic or any female singer that did not adapt the concept to her own videos and looks infact as lovely as BOMT is... Toxic has to be her most recognizable song at this point now that todays generation is enrolled.
  5. I want a rock inspired album... Her albums and singles dont chart even if they are smash hits so why not just give us something new and cool
  6. I wish Paris cared enough to take her old maid aka Kim K. Down...
  7. I lived in Tel Aviv for 6 years its not too common for american artists to come (except Madonna) but if they do they fall inlove and have a vacation of a lifetime
  8. Why do i feel like it was Sams idea with the thought in mind that he will get noticed thanks to her and be offered modeling gigs ?
  9. She has a really nice wall going on there. I wish i had one like that but taller so the neibours wouldnt be able to creep at me from their second floor when i get out to stretch
  10. What Mike said. Kylie Jenners pussy can fit more ppl than the Axis
  11. The show was yesterday but maybe shell still be able to go. (Britney fan logic yall)
  12. S&S is in her top 3 best charting songs and selling songs as well received by radio and straight people AND her highest viewed video on youtube by far. Relevancy aside she just needs a hit once in a while and its not about pitbull its about the movie... We all know how 'see you again' exploded for the previous movie ... and Britney will never be rekevant again because her act is goofy and bubblegum just like Katy Perry and acts like that are not taken seriously... Why do you think both are always snubbed by the Grammys as oppose to serious talking artists who dont joke around or release a 'pretty girls' (taylor, beyonce, Madonna (before she started bubblegumming))
  13. Whiny fans who dont understand this just like S&S could have saved her and made her more of a non gay act especially for a movie thatll be as big as Furious 8 which targets an audience that know nothing of her. whatever...keep on hoping shell collab with Celine,Mariah and Cher and then ask why she flops more and stays in vegas... Whatever
  14. main page

    I felt so disgusted when Adele praised Beyonce tbh like srsly wtf both are overrated as hell 'thank you for sharing this side of you beyonce' boo hooo Jayz did her wrong so what ?! Britney was cheated on by every man she ever dated and she didnt write an album about it
  15. Vegas is on because she cant sell out a tour ... And if she stops vegas shell go stiff completely and wont be able to come back even to that