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  1. I said in the past that i would never go to a show where the artist just sings because i only care about the show. that being said i feel like seeing a Britney show is no longer my cup of tea. HOWEVER, i would pay to go see her singing songs live and i guess its just because her voice is very different and its such an unusual treat to hear her sing that you start to wonder what other songs would sound like if they were live.... Clearly nothing like the final studio versions. with other artists you get a live version that sounds like the record so i guess thats why itll be pretty cool to go see her live. her voice is not pop.... Maybe theres still hope for a rock album
  2. Marilyn is the difinition of 'American woman'... Half of hollywood looks like her and the other half would if put in her hair and make up... without makeup she looked like Scarlett Johansson.
  3. Its just fucked. The video picture is full screen but then you open it and hit with an amaturely filmed square video
  4. This and circus video always pissed me off because of the black borders on the sides little detail that ruins the whole video
  5. How do you like Saint John ?
  6. FFT in the city i went to was pretty off too. It was kinda empty and most people were there for Nicki. 95% women. Circus tour was much better and felt more alive and diverse, The second best concert ive been to and second best when it came to audience participation and 'aliveness' after 1989 World Tour.
  7. Fun fact - the tour was only 94% sold out which is pretty interesting considering she was at her prime... circus tour was 99% sold out and FFT was 80%. so truth be told... Not singing live already hurt her even at her prime... Ill never understand people who go to shows to see a singer like Adele just stand in one place and sing... I would probably shoot myself out of bordum.
  8. I wasnt into pop and was too busy playing outside and being a troublemaker all day and night. plus i discovered porn in 2001 so it was much more interesting i owe it to Britney tho... She made sure i stayed home watching her youtube videos and saving all her photoshoots instead of getting arrested for vandalism or robbery ??
  9. Mustve been pretty fun being her fan back then. i didnt know who she was until 2006. I heard Toxic at a store and asked what it was so i was given the my prorogative dvd and watched all those iconic videos at once... Then 2007 happened ... But then Circus was pretty amazing. maybe thats why i have such impossible standarts for music videos ... That DVD set were pretty much the first music videos i ever seen (right along 'hung up' and 'sexyback').
  10. Probably is a very dumb idea for a fan to do...especially after Manchester....
  11. Its Madonnas fault back in 2005 leotards are now a must for a big pop act... Idk a single bitch that doesnt wear those trends always die tho so theres hope
  12. PCD were a mess of a band up to date nobody even knows who sang and who fought who. It was said Nicole did 100% of the vocals and changed her voice during the recording of the album to make it sound like someone else because the other girls never sung. Idk. asuming they got 300k a year to just pretend to sing and backup dance to Nicole on tour, thats still a pretty good payout for an easy job. 5 years of that would have earned them 1.5 million dollars so i guess its enough to live for 41 years in a 3000k monthly rented house, maybe taking cooking classes, go to church at some point, get old and remember the good ole days and just give Nicole a call to maybe get the band back together for a reunion tour. Go to dinner with them all and cry about stuff and forgive each other, talk about it on good morning america, mention Britneys name 1000 more times because its free. Go get a slurpee and a bag of starbusts for the road home (but not the yellow or orange ones). Itll come up to 5.79$ most likely but you just scanned your 7Rewards app which clearly states the starbusts are 50% off so you argue the cashier and end up calling the hotline trying to explain how you are a former pussycat dolls and worked with Britney Spears and would like to be served accordingly. so ya.
  13. Its not like shed ever go on a world tour if she stops vegas...
  14. Btw.... Told yall shell be snubbed out of all categories...
  15. I wish her photoshoots looked less Beyonce like and more like Britney 2003 and earlier