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  1. Its not about practice with her its about stage fright she knows how bad it will be if her live singing sucks and it did suck before so I'm not surprised she stopped one thing is to go up on stage and just skip around, another is to actually put your career on the line and sing.... How would you feel having to sing infront of so many judgmental people with their phone cameras pointing at you especially with her level of anxiety one wrong note and you throw yourself off and from then on itll get worse and worse
  2. I honestly doubt she even remembers it exists.... the song also requires sharper movements than all the other songs shes performing...she cant pull it off in those nasty leotards and 5 ton wigs
  3. Wish it wasnt a demo or someone created a britney ft katy with this aside from that the song doesnt fit her voice... Neither of Britneys songs do but to be fair Katys songs dont suit britneys voice
  4. Thats pretty low for Lorde... And i thought album sales were at their lowest 2 years ago but no...its getting worse x.x even Katy just did 180k only and even tho she didnt have a hit single its still pretty odd. (And a free ticket with every album) there are practically no women anywhere on itunes albums and singles the way it was 2 years ago... Almost all acts are DJs and collaborations of unknown one hit wonders and Justin Beiber... if i were Taylor i would reconsider going back to country because pop is clearly dying and even tho she could score the biggest week by an artist in 2017 it would unlikely break the 800k mark. the good thing is that shes learning from others mistakes and reviews trends so shell be fine. Still sad to see a once big industry dying.... Like Sears
  5. Its a decent pop album. All possible hit singles were already released, aside from 'Roulette'. her balads never chart so i dont think she should spend time on those Chained to the rhytm is easily the biggest hit and catchiest song on the album but she already messed it up i will however start a ban war on her if she proceeds with releasing a video to 'swish swish' with the slightest reference to queen Taylor in it.
  6. Its only 12k so much smaller than a typical american arena it does look big tho but when you google it youll see the back end of it pretty much has nothing
  7. Do albums not leak nowadays or something ? Witness is out tmrw ive been looking everywhere for days but it hasnt leaked (except for shitty low quality snippets) i know shes not as relevant as she used to be but shes still one of the 10 biggest names in pop music so youd think itll leak... weird. Edit - good album Roulette without a doubt will be a single
  8. 1. Nobody recognizes her with that haircut. 2. People who go to art museums dont listen to her music or pop music in general. Another one in the basket...and its her. Literally and figuratively.
  9. I thought its gonna say she invented post-its
  10. main page

    I wonder if shed be nominated at the VMAs for stuff technically she should and NOT only in best pop act edit - wait nvm i forgot Adeles name is on all their awards this year
  11. I havent been to a mall in 6 years... They should do a home depot version or something
  12. She lost the general public with PG because of Iggy and the 'message' (even tho the lyrics are literally just stating the truth and nothing but the truth for once so thats odd...) and then she lost her fans because of the Make Me video. it also wouldnt hurt RCA paying radio to play her music for once my local hits station havent played her since S&S but they play Katy 15-20 times a day and YOU KNOW its paid for when nobody wants to hear that song and its out of top 100 after a week yet its being played once every 2 hours.
  13. Britney should buy all of them and wear in Vegas.... #pantsPLEASE
  14. Shes being attacked on twitter for posting some incensitive pic... Both her songs are almost out of top 100 on itunes yet my radio station wont stop playing the new one and praising it....gross but reviewing everything im led to believe shes doing it on purpose... You cannot keep climbing up without falling down before coming out on top... Her comment about the head shaving and breakdown seemed very...foreshadowing. She is flat out using all this to copy Britney and have her own meltdown just so she could make a huge comeback next time...
  15. Yeah it did.... I used to love her so much as well as other people but because she wont stfu and keep preaching on stuff she has nothing to do with (like politics) we all stopped supporting her. you loose respect and become flat out annoying when you share every opinion and moment of your life on social media... theres a reason why reserved celebrities are loved more. also she needs glasses because in case she didnt notice during her concerts all her fans are little girls....smart idea to get involved in polics and sing about eating vaginas...great execution Katy... In shark tank shed get roasted for 'not knowing who your target audience is. How are you running your bussiness ? For that reason im out'