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    What the hell, who cares?
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    We can hook up at the hotel.
  1. Happy Birthday MakeItCoolerInHere!

  2. main page Britney Spears New Fantasy Fragrance Coming Soon!

    More Fanfasies?? They need a new fragrance tbh
  3. main page Britney Wants You To Support Vets!

    I totallayy ship it!
  4. Also mine, I just saw her a few weeks ago
  5. Cool concept...annoying song...not enough Hayley Williams.
  6. The Official Bbmas Pretty Girls Performance Countdown Thread!

    I just wanna know the performance is...I don'f want to watch this whole thing
  7. The Official Bbmas Pretty Girls Performance Countdown Thread!

    Im drinking, I'm ready!
  8. Shopjeen.com Promoting "pretty Girls"

    Lol what about the men's section? I saw the link, but didn't click it.
  9. Shopjeen.com Promoting "pretty Girls"

    So, I'm shopping on the interwebs and go to one of my favorite sites. They're promoting Pretty Girls...and they don't even have to. Video plays right when you open their webpage. I just think it's great Slay us ShopJeen.
  10. Andre Fuentes Making A Comeback As A Choreographer?

    Anybody >> SD tbh, I don't like anything they've done with Brinny. I do miss seeing Andre in videos
  11. What's Your Zodiac Sign?♡

    Of course! Hai!
  12. main page The Official #prettygirls Music Video Is Here!

    I like it, it's cute!
  13. What's Your Zodiac Sign?♡

  14. What Other Artists Do You Stan For?