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Josie Jean

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  1. Digstv | The Britney Spears Residence

    I love it
  2. main page Britney Got A Spray Tan Today!

    This picture made me super happy!! She looks too good!!!
  3. Ok Its Time To Come Clean!

    3 times
  4. So it's limited? I understand the slave snake perfume bottle being limited but why this?
  5. Which Piece Of Me Section Needs The Biggest Revamp?

    Ooohhhh. That makes sense.
  6. Which Piece Of Me Section Needs The Biggest Revamp?

    Circus has cool props but needs better routine and needs more songs. Why did they take out I wanna go? Was it cuz Sohey?
  7. Britney's Dress For The Pcas

    I wonder what dress she had planned....
  8. Is Britney Really Being " Sassy " ?

    Lol. She does get wet from the splashes from the prop tho.
  9. Is Britney Really Being " Sassy " ?

    Yeah, she's shy and she's trying to liven up the section and being friendly and talking more. She tells them they have a nice ass because what girl wouldn't want to be told that they do?
  10. Is Britney Really Being " Sassy " ?

    I love it
  11. how could it have been filmed before the breakup. they asked a question about the Espys. They were not together at that time anymore. Why did they have to break up?