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  1. Britney is Working With A French Choreographer For Just Dance 2019?!!!

    It's a crime against humanity that we don't have a "Just Dance: Britney version" after all this time. They used to do it with Singstar (with other artists) and I loved it. It'd be perfect!
  2. Yeah, they have a couple. My favourite is Circus. The routine is pretty awesome.
  3. I always buy the Just Dance games eventually, but this one will be a day 1 purchase! Now, if only could get some of her older songs too, that'd be great.
  4. Honestly, it's because most people have lost interest in her music. SP was one the best videos she's ever made. There is no reason for it be still at 70m views. People simply don't care. She can release music all she wants but unless something huge happens, people won't bother. Hence why famewhores like Beyonce use their husband's cheating or their pregnancies to get people talking about their music. They have great teams behind them that make sure they remain somewhat relevant.
  5. We must talk about her POM 100% LIVE PERFORMANCE!!!!!

    Sorry to ruin the party, but I get the impression that even though she did sing live, unless you're fan, it's nothing to write home about. I read a lot of comments online and people kept going over technical stuff I don't understand arguing that she can't hit the right notes or that her voice is not strong enough. I personally enjoyed it because I'm a fan, but I wonder how good it actually was. Would a non fan be impressed? I may show it to some friends and see.
  6. And they still refuse to nominate her for anything. They can all go to hell.
  7. the dumbest audience ever, i wanna leave this planet

    Britney doesn't care enough even to mispronounce her name.
  8. Britney Killing The Old "Break the Ice" Chorus (2013-2016) #PieceOfMe

    I mean, it's pretty good, but it's like 5 seconds of decent dancing.
  9. Fans can overanalyze things all they want. Bottom line is, the general public doesn't care about Britney. They just don't. Not even magazines write stories about her like they used to. There is no real controversy around her name. Just like so many other artists faded away, Britney has, too. It sucks but it is what it is. I'm just glad Slumber Party happened. Awesome song with one of her best videos ever. The scene with the spilled milk (or whatever that was) was epic. Had Ariana, Taylor, Nicky or any of those artists done Slumber Party, it would have been a worldwide smash hit.
  10. Sam's biceps tho

    Britney looks superb. I'm glad she's not dating a troll again, like the guy with the hats.
  11. Heather is awesome. Love her love for Britney.
  12. Good for Britney. Quite the honour, actually.
  13. Can't believe that Project Runway show dude actually became big.
  14. What is Britney's Best Music Video (thus far)?

    Me against the music. The dancing was awesome. I still think about some of her moves from time to time. Slumber party is definitely one of her best, though.