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  1. can anyone relate to this

    Britney embraced, supported, expanded (and perhaps even invented to a point) the art of lip syncing performances since the beginning of her career! But even today after all the lip syncing artists, all those RUPAUL'S drag race lip syncing performances etc...PEOPLE STILL DON'T GET THE ART OF A LIP SYNCED PERFORMANCE... Basically, I cannot relate at all...
  2. Videos Of Britney's #RockinEve2018 Performances!!! #BRITNEYXRockinEve

    This is Britney from ABC Special!!! F I E R C E
  3. Videos Of Britney's #RockinEve2018 Performances!!! #BRITNEYXRockinEve

    Toxic was SOOO COOL!!!! She was phenomenal!
  4. Paris Hilton - The Holy Trinity

    I wish that had never happened...
  5. Highlights From Last Night's Show (Friday, Oct.27th) #PieceOfMe

    I hadn't seen the show in MONTHS because basically it was the same thing all the time BUT now after watching this I have to say: She has improved even more and I never thought it was possible She totally commands the stage instead of hiding behind her dancers Her energy is up in the sky She is sooo muscular. I can't even remember the time when she was curvy FIERCE PERFORMER!!! Btw she lost a whole piece of hair while dancing on the guitar...
  6. Nice one!!! She slayed the choreo!!!!
  7. Is this true or fake information about her one live performance?

    Fake! They have similar videos for all major artists on youtube...lol
  8. I hadn't watched the show for moonths...She has gotten so much better! WOW
  9. Martin Schoeller (2003) HQ Outtake

    She is really beautiful but this pic is baaaaad...
  10. We must talk about her POM 100% LIVE PERFORMANCE!!!!!

    I disagree. I think she was genuinely good. If you go back and see one of her everytime performances during the "in the zone" era, she was struggling to sound properly. BUT THIS was so unforced and relaxed. I'm not sure if she missed a note or two but I could just sit back, relax and enjoy her singing. She was good!!!
  11. We must talk about her POM 100% LIVE PERFORMANCE!!!!!

    shut uuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppppppppppp IN SHOOOOOOOOOOCK!!!
  12. I actually miss this costume

    It's actually one of favorite outfits!!! I was in shock when I first saw it!
  13. The black one is fucking good!!!
  14. New Instagram Video!!! #BritneyArmy

    She is turning into a ninja!!!