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  1. The most embarrassing parts on lyrics

    Does everything come under such scrutiny in your lives? Sounds exhausting.
  2. Rerelease Outta This World

    I kinda like the grainy quality. It adds to the whole mystique
  3. Rerelease Outta This World

    I don't actually. I'm sure it sounds amazing though!
  4. Rerelease Outta This World

    The demo. I honestly prefer a lot of the demos from that time.
  5. Rerelease Outta This World

    I meant as a single
  6. Wanna fix everything? That's all.
  7. Good for her! She did incredible! That song is a classic and very easy to botch but she definitely makes it her own!
  8. New Robin Leach rumor on Twitter

    I don't post usually and I really hate to say this, but I just have to. As long as Britney keeps performing and adding new shows in Las Vegas, I will keep going to see Britney performing and adding new shows in Las Vegas. Sorry. Viva la Vegasney!!
  9. Hillary Clintoney

    That's one of her best photos in my opinion.
  10. Ok WYN is a mess, but...

    It's a great song. It's as if people expect things to be life changing in order to appreciate it. It's light hearted and fun. I like it.
  11. Is Britney like Shania Twain?

    I see so many parallels after reading this title.
  12. BAN Randee st. Nicholas from Britney please!

    I think Britney is so much better off with minimal work. Whether it's retouching, clothes, hair, makeup etc.
  13. The ‘90s nostalgia is officially in overdrive?