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  1. I meant as a single
  2. Wanna fix everything? That's all.
  3. Good for her! She did incredible! That song is a classic and very easy to botch but she definitely makes it her own!
  4. I don't post usually and I really hate to say this, but I just have to. As long as Britney keeps performing and adding new shows in Las Vegas, I will keep going to see Britney performing and adding new shows in Las Vegas. Sorry. Viva la Vegasney!!
  5. That's one of her best photos in my opinion.
  6. It's a great song. It's as if people expect things to be life changing in order to appreciate it. It's light hearted and fun. I like it.
  7. I see so many parallels after reading this title.
  8. I think Britney is so much better off with minimal work. Whether it's retouching, clothes, hair, makeup etc.
  9. The ‘90s nostalgia is officially in overdrive?
  10. I think you're going to be surprised at how small it is. I don't think nosebleeds exist
  11. Yeah I really hate that glory is over. Such a shame because she was truly amazing on it and I hope the lack of sales sway her from following her own creativity in the future.
  12. Ironically enough I thought he was hot until he lost the weight