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  1. How some of Britney's demos actually ended up being released.

    Lmao I never knew about a few Also check this out y'all
  2. Anyone?

    Do people still trade here? I have unreleased songs, demos, instrumentals, stems from many artists including Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, Tove Lo, Katy B and even something from Britney. PM me if you have something rare
  3. New leaked "tracklist"

    If it's really leaked by BsChile then I'm sure it's 100% real
  4. EDIT: Britney Galaxy has an EXCLUSIVE today at 4:30 ET

    New song every wednesday until the album release, in the end fans will chose which one is the next single
  5. main page Britney Spears will be on Jimmy Kimmel TONIGHT PLUS MORE!!!! #B9

    Well I think taht they have exclusives in past (with perfumes maybe, idk?), they have more than 400 000 likes on fb and they are working with Galaxy so I'm really into believing this
  7. Katy Perry is far worse than Taylor Swift

    You guys are disgusting
  8. Make Me predicted first week sales of 90K

    That's not bad! Britney had also great streaming and great radio support!
  9. ITunes Update: Buy. Make Me 1.0000 - Rise 0.9437

    New update
  10. Favorite Lead Single Including MMO

    Let's not exaggerate MM is great, Gimme More is beyond Make Me like between Heaven and Hell
  11. Number #1 iTunes USA (Proof)

  12. Post here if you already bought it!!! Buy it bitches!

    Sorry I love Katy too and I loved rise from the snippets But don't worry I'm promoting Make Me all over my twitter and fb. You guys shoulduse this as your backgroud:
  13. Post here if you already bought it!!! Buy it bitches!

    I bought both, cause Rise fucking slayed me Hope britney will chart higher anyway
  14. Private Show Music Video Dropping In Full Tonight

    read the article
  15. Private Show Music Video Dropping In Full Tonight

    Maybe they meant make me?