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  1. The Official 2016 Britney BBMAs Coverage Thread

    so fucking nervous
  2. Did You Notice This In The Womanizer Mv?

  3. Ya'll Want Some Truth Tea About Pg?

    I think the chorus is the "worst" part and with a better one the song could have been more successful.
  4. My Piece Of Me Experience 8-31-14

  5. I Miss When The Audience Would Sing Along

  6. Flawless *crying*

  7. I Miss When The Audience Would Sing Along

    gurl even her talking was prerecorded on TCSBS
  8. Flawless *crying*

    Thank you bb Radar horse, ha impact is real
  9. Flawless *crying*

    My flawless Bored (Just Do It) video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1P836U5V-k Britney doesn't mention it on twitter bc I used scenes from Overprotected and My Prerogative. Slay promo Thoughts?
  10. Is Pomney Really A Better Dancer Than...

    this is like a read exhell
  11. Omg What Kind Of Flawless Primeney Energy Is This?

    when will circusney or ffney tbh
  12. Why did Scream n Shout smash, while Work Bitch didn't?

    will.i.slay impact
  13. Britney Jean

    Tik Tik Boom is a flawless jam and you will deal
  14. why the underrated Britney era is my fav

    I think the era isn't underrated overall, just the album.