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  1. What's your favorite song from the Femme Fatale album?

    I loved this album so much. But I really overplayed it to death, so my favourites now are: Hold It Against Me I Wanna Go He About To Lose Me and Scary But I voted for HATLM
  2. Favorite second single

    Teaching on Universe. When will the other members tbh
  3. Favorite second single

    . Awesome. Yeah i've spent the past ten minutes or so trying to work out biology part from your first reply
  4. Favorite second single

    Haha. No just me stanning for the flawless Chris Lilley character from Angry Boys. The one and only Jen Okazaki.

    Technically Sometimes is when i became a fan, but i was still in love with the Spice Girls at that time and while i still bought all of Britney's albums and dvd's, i didn't stop stanning for the spice girls until 2007 . 2009 was when i officially became a full-time stan. Britney really is the only celebrity i follow and oddly the only pop-star i like anymore :dealwitit:
  6. Favorite second single

    Toxic and Piece of Me are simply to epic to describe. . However, I will always have a soft spot for Sometimes and Lucky because they were my two faves as a kid.
  7. Best Album Cover?

    I've always had a soft spot for the international version of BOMT. Maybe it's because it's the first album i remember owning.
  8. Official thread of cool britney things to buy

    My god Britney merchandise is awesome. If only my university was taking all my damn money.
  9. Favorite Bonus Track(s) ???

    I'll Never Stop Loving You Autumn Goodbye Walk On By Before The Goodbye When I Found You Amnesia Up N Down He About To Lose Me Hold On Tight But ultimately 90% of the bonus tracks deserve to be on the standard editions.
  10. Britney fans coming here

    Exactly. I joined Exhale in 2012 but only had to post twice to see how nasty and crazy some people were, so I spent the next 18 months only lurking. But honestly i am loving this place. Everyone is nice but also civilised, so it makes it so much better.Here's to hoping we gain many more new members.
  11. Awesome, I always love reading stuff like this. I would of never noticed any of it
  12. What would you like for 3rd single?

    U.S: Tik Tik Boom European: Til it's Gone Aus and NZ: It Should Be Easy (Scream and Shout conquered down here) So then we would get three flawless videos. One can only dream
  13. It Should be Easy

    The song itself is awesome. Never hated it like everyone else. The auto tune however, quite honestly brings down the song, a lot. Because if the song managed to use epic vocals like Perfume and the ad-libs of Tik Tik Boom. This would of been my choice for third single to save the era