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  1. [Req] Design Pack Britney Jean (Tik Tik Boom Logo)

    The cover for the Remix EP that was released online probably unofficially. Would love to know what that font is. It seems to be the one used for the It Should be easy Remix EP too I am now looking for that and the Femme Fatal Song title logos and font that is thicker than the femme fatal font. There's heaps of fan covers around with it. I think I may have seen them on Spill It Now forum once but not sure. I am right in the zone for making the Remix EP collection at the moment (oh that was unintentional pun actually lol) My Britney archive is a bomb site and making the ultimate fan made discography will definitely clear up some of the mess. and then all the scraps can stay unsorted lol
  2. Things You Didn't Know About Blackout

    Thanks gonna brush up on my knowledge by reading all these tomorrow. Is there a fact list for Femme Fatal and Britney Jean too? I would love one with all the spec on Original Doll in the one place too if it exists Thanks.
  3. Things You Didn't know about In The Zone

    OMG Thanks so much for that. I am gonna be reading forever lol
  4. Things You Didn't know about In The Zone

    Is there a thread with facts on all the other albums? Id love to read more stuff like this
  5. I thought the design thread mighta had the design packs from the eras. I only have a very early version of the Britney Jean one. Can anyone please post design packs? I am starting on a Fan made Discography project I would love the logo and the font from the official Tik Tik boom cover if anyone can help please? Thanks.
  6. anyone know what the font is called from the CD cover? I have seen it used on a few telephone covers but that one is my fave. I think Britney's telephone covers kinda owns that font now lol. And I wanna make an EP now coz I have a few versions of Britney's one Britney (with Gagas instrumental) Britney (with Gagas instrumental) ft Beyonce Original demo
  7. The Official One Direction Thread

    We need a good 1D download thread I wanna find HQ stuff of remixes B-sides Bootlegs and Live audio full concerts
  8. The Official One Direction Thread

    We need a good 1D download thread I wanna find HQ stuff of remixes B-sides Bootlegs and Live audio full concerts
  9. This for ALBUM 9 tbh

    I dont actually know how to trend anything tho hahai hardly use Twitter. I would assume you pit this up as a screen cap but is it # and @ topics that make it trend? I dont know how to start it
  10. This for ALBUM 9 tbh

    This would need to trend hard on all the producers page for the team to even notice it and they are a shit team so they wont actually do anything good anyway :-( I wish they would actually lift their game. They are so lazy.
  11. Gimme Some More - Britney Spears & Friends Amazing!

    Yes it was like they just wanted to put Christina in it. some parts were good They need seperate Gimme more tracks feat Justin and Eminem in them
  12. Circus Album On Spotify

    Circus on Spotify is different. is there 2 versions of the Album. I swear I am hearing differences in the other songs too but Circus is a remix even. I only just noticed now..Is my whole life a lie? lol
  13. Any Sydney Fans? Would love some Human Britney Fans as Mates Lol
  14. PM links is a pain tho. The team sucks anyway they never think of the fans just the money the fans give them. Its always a get rich quick for little effort. I mean why have they not made live recordings for Britney to sync to or release of Circus DVD. Onyx was fillmed years ago and only released as DVD with a crap cover and no promotion and released in the last few years. We never got FF in 3D either I had to download that. Plus they dubbed it with studio audio. What we want is for her to have a new team that will care for all this stuff.
  15. Did You Notice That Britney Barely Blinks??

    thats coz she was an alien lol