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  1. yes britney get that Pharrell collaboration, we all know why you doing it
  2. Big News Coming Soon

    It's prob album News. Or some duet that is amazing. Or she is gonna perform in united kingdom
  3. Everyone paris befriends turns into a train wreck, just saying
  4. Are We Sure This Photo Is 100% Real Though?

    If it's fake I'll slit my wrist
  5. main page Britney Back In The Recording Studio!

    Omg. What the actual fuck. This better be new music. Slay us britney. Then again I doubt Lynne would do this if she just recording for Vegas. Slay us britney. Show us emotion. And yay no will I am
  6. main page Britney Loves A One Night Stand!

    If it's making hrs feel better over getting cheated on. She can keep saying it all she wants
  7. Uhh..what Is Happening Right Now?!

    Lolol this is funny
  8. News: Jessica Biel Was The Girl

    With David. Justney live happy ever after. The end
  9. Jordan wanted to do a interview describing David's cum taste, let's hope he caught something nasty
  10. Does Britney Has More Freedom?

    I think she has much more freedom with social media. I feel so more connected with her recently. As she like talks about her personal life more. Who would of thought britney announcing being single on twitter
  11. As it always reminded me of a song from britney to david. So I just can't listen
  12. Britney Needs To Sing Womanizer As Intro

    Mmm. Why should I be sad would be good, but she will never add it 😂😂😂
  13. Be so perfect to add it as a intro to her show.