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  1. Here is a video I made of popular clip from Scary Movie of Brenda watching a horror movie - this time, she's watching Slumber Party [media]https://www.instagram.com/p/BPCO_uEjmUp/?taken-by=britney_reactions[/media] If you liked this one, please check my Britney account on Instagram! I do videos of Britney ''reacting'' to different relatable things I started doing them cause I always felt Britney is such a naturally funny person and other fanbases have a lot of great accounts like this, but Britney Army didn't. So I'm trying to do my best Here is the link to full account: https://www.instagram.com/britney_reactions/ Follow if you like! And comment which video is the funniest in your opinion. Thanks guys!
  2. I made my compilation too (after 2013 - 2015 one) ! I included her festival's performances of this year too!
  3. Eyes Wide Shut Party - fanmade trailer

    I tried making a trailer for a mixture of Eyes Wide Shut and Slumber Party! Hope you guys like it! Please leave comment if you like it or not!
  4. ONLY 1 LEFT!!! Let's start fresh with 5 more iTunes gifting

    OMG thank you so much!
  5. ONLY 1 LEFT!!! Let's start fresh with 5 more iTunes gifting

    Can you gift me please?
  6. It's Smashing!! #1 on U.S iTunes!!!

  7. main page Britney Spears new song “Make Me (Oooh)” is coming tonight! #B9

  8. Britney posts about Private Show

    It's confirmed. New perfume.
  9. main page Britney speaks about #Orlando shooting

    It's horrible how someone can have so much hate inside of them ...
  10. main page Britney speaks about #Orlando shooting

    So sad.
  11. MTV: 21 Questions I Have About This Photo from Britney Spears's New Music Video

    That is actually a great idea! She would totally crack up She's such a fun person and I think a "light-kind" interview like this would be a great thing for her.
  12. Could Pretty Girls / Tom's Diner end up as bonus tracks??

    Wouldn't mind having TD on an album since it's so amazing Pretty Girls on the other hand ...
  13. Dead http://www.mtv.com/news/2889006/britney-spears-new-music-video-photo-questions/?xrs=_s.fb_main
  14. More of the extra interview..

    Is there a hq version of this?