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  1. The themes here are amazing!

    Using the universe theme with the Everytime cover.
  2. When your sad, what britney song do you listen to

    I Will Be There
  3. Which song out of these do you wish was Britney's the most?

  4. Did Britney give Universe a shoutout?

    Such a legend. She also predicted her own breakdown and the iPhone.
  5. What is your favorite song from the Britney Jean album?

    1. Work Bitch 2. Alien 3. Perfume 4. Til It's Gone 5. Brightest Morning Star/Hold On Tight
  6. work bitch slayss!!

    My fave song of 2013. It still slays.
  7. What's your phobia(s)?

  8. Favorite Songs Off Of Oops!...I Did It Again?

    I actually love every song on the album. 1. Can't Make You Love Me 2. Oops!...I Did It Again 3. Where Are You Now 4. What U See (Is What U Get) 5. Stronger 6. When Your Eyes Say It
  9. What would you like for 3rd single?

    Alien Would probably flop. I want a video tho.
  10. Album Survivor - Baby One More Time

    1. "...Baby One More Time" (12) 2. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (12) 3. "Sometimes" (11) 4. "Soda Pop" (8) - 5. "Born to Make You Happy" (12) + 6. "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" (10) 7. "I Will Be There" (12) 8. "I Will Still Love You" (duet with Don Philip) (5) 9. "Deep in My Heart" (11) 10. "Thinkin' About You" (11) 11. "E-Mail My Heart" (11) 12. "The Beat Goes On" (5) - 13. "I'll Never Stop Loving You" (9) 14. "Autumn Goodbye" (11)
  11. Stems Snippets 1 hour countdown

    I want instrumentals tbh.
  12. Favorite Bonus Track(s) ???

    I Run Away Before The Goodbye Autumn Goodbye Amnesia He About To Lose Me Brightest Morning Star Hold On Tight
  13. Most Embarrassing Brit-related Moment?

    Something similar happened to me. I danced to ...Baby One More Time in front of my laptop and my dad opened the door and stepped inside. You know when Britney does the kick. I also did it. Almost hit him.