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  1. Do You Wanna Come Over Is Here!!!

    someone can describe the song please! And pm please for jesus!
  2. Make Me Conspiracy Theories

    Omg please someone leak this shit right now!
  3. Make Me Conspiracy Theories

    Stop being delusional. . Randee St Nicholas directed the Make Me video... so not gonna happen. team britney rushed lachapelle video
  4. Could Britney rock this look?

    80s cher style
  5. Yellowney jacketney earplugney
  6. I love Trulyney cute :lolomg:
  7. Most Embarrassing Brit-related Moment?

    Femme Fatale promo performancer! so embarrassing!
  8. Shadow's vocals are flawless tbh

    Arriving too late And leaving too soon