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  1. main page Britney's i'm bored instagram video!

    So cute
  2. @BananaAlice (a.k.a. Britney) HAS SPOKEN!

    Of course She cares And She is hurt. Its her fan site, She is a pop star, She lives of fans
  3. The Shade...

    Who s that bitch?
  4. Your signature is flawless! Is that lilly allen?
  5. What is your favorite song from the Britney Jean album?

    Hold on tight
  6. Are You Happy Blondeney Is Back?

    Aww Thank you, you re so Sweet! Her red/ombre hair wasn't my favourite either, but i liked to see her trying something different. Im just sad We didnt get a vídeo with flawless brunetteney :S
  7. Are You Happy Blondeney Is Back?

    Whatever makes her happy Even bald britney was hott
  8. Did Britney give Universe a shoutout?

    You are 100% correct Cross through the U.nIvErSe to get where you are Travel the world driving on a shooting star
  9. Britney Spears - Maleficent

    That s an excelent work