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  1. Britney.....................

    So many Taylor Swift there :surpriseney:
  2. Someone Told Britney Manager This....just Now...

    Thank GOD(ney) ! I couldn't have handle another album with Will
  3. I don't at 3,11,13,16, 20, 21 and .. 26 :crying1:
  4. main page Miley Wearing T-Shirt With Bald Britney

    ..... And that's why I'm not a Miley fan :Scooterney:
  5. main page Big Britney Event In Denmark! She's Coming!

    I hope she'll come in others countries too! I really want to see her
  6. Radar Horse Accepts The Ice Bucket Challange

    This is him from heaven
  7. Guys, I saw this and I had to post :gloria: he does it like a boss :thatsfunny:
  8. WE CAN DO THIS! Come on, b-armys
  9. Difference Between School And Summer

    yaaas is our only chance!!!
  10. Difference Between School And Summer

    Uhh.. I hate school! I will start in two weeks Next year I'll be in high school
  11. Where Is This From? (Britney Related)

    omg, what year was this??
  12. Let's Talk About How We Lost Our Virginity!

  13. Britney Knew Exactly What She Was Saying 7 Months Ago

    You're right and omg I can't believe it's been 7 months since she posted that photo, it seems like yesterday..
  14. How Old Were You When You Started Watching Porn ?

    Omg, this is so wrong.We all discover porn at a very young age and it just ruin our childhood