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  1. Happy Birthday Britney!

  2. Dvd Collection Question

    I don't usually buy second hand but OK.
  3. Post Your Opinion About Femme Fatale

    TTYH >>> Only songs I hate are Pot Full Of Vegetables and Big Fat Ass (feat. can.u.not)
  4. Req Crossroads Dvd

    I second this.
  5. Male Has To Every Time

  6. Dvd Collection Question

    Why do I always forget that. Also, Stages is really expensive. I'll get TSC sometime soon. :cutelaugh:
  7. Dvd Collection Question

    Wtf is TSC? :lucado:
  8. Dvd Collection Question

    Hey guys! So 2 of my Britney DVDs just arrived from Amazon today, which brings my collection to: Live and More! Britney: The Videos Live from Las Vegas In the Zone Greatest Hits: My Prerogative Britney & Kevin: Chaotic For the Record Femme Fatale Tour I'm aware I'm missing Time Out With Britney and Crossroads, but are there any more I've missed? I'm thinking about buying an unofficial Onyx Hotel DVD from Amazon but apparently it's not that good quality. Btw, if anyone in the UK has a spare Crossroads/Time Out DVD that they can sell on eBay quite cheaply, I'll buy it.
  9. Ebola Coming To A U.s. City Near You

    Leak New Millenium.
  10. Ebola Coming To A U.s. City Near You

    Makes sense. Obummer slay meh.
  11. Ebola Coming To A U.s. City Near You

    The scariest thing is, any one of us could have Ebola RIGHT NOW.
  12. Ebola Coming To A U.s. City Near You

    I'd rather jump off a bridge than get Ebola. If it comes to England and I don't come online for a while...