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  1. Happy Birthday michael!

  2. Britney clearly now thinks that because shes a "professional" she can turn up to a studio, record for fourty minutes, lay down two tracks then leave. Thus her team force producers to auto-tune the shit out of the takes she records in order to make it work, resulting in the even mess with filled in Myah Marie vocals that is Britney Jean. Let us not forget it took her weeks upon weeks holed up in a studio in Sweden to record Baby One More Time. The recording process is a lengthy one, no matter how talented, and the longer you spend in the studio, the better the end product will be. Diplomatic producers who know how their bread is buttered would never outright say this, but nearly everyone whos worked with Britney in the past two years has said as much. The only person Britney really can get away with this with is Max Martin, because he's worked with her since day one and accordingly will already be well versed with her style and vice versa.
  3. main page 3 Years of ''I Wanna Go'' + Fun Facts

    Video is a mess, but at least made her seem fun rather than Dullsville. Great song though, one of her best.
  4. The greatest moment of my LYFE

    And the Circus Tour remains a bigger achievement and a better spectacle than POM,
  5. The greatest moment of my LYFE

    The amazing thing is that around this time all the fans on BreatheHeavy were calling her a fat fuck. She was ANYTHING but fat when I saw her in person. She was in incredible shape.
  6. least favorite britney song and why?

    Work Bitch is perfect and you could never. It Should be Easy however, is easily the worst song she's ever recorded. Complete generic EDM trash.
  7. The greatest moment of my LYFE

    The gays around me were fucking MAD AS FUCK. I am 6ft 4 so i kind of guess she only winked at me because i was the only person she could see haha.
  8. Was when Britney winked at me in front row on the Circus tour. Just after this
  9. my coworker knows Britney!!!!!!!!!!

    re: JL i just heard she was really unpleasant on the set of Zoey 101, specifically to her young co-stars. One of her co-stars was fired because JL hated her. The rest is just hearsay, but i've heard stories... Britney has a rep for being uber sweet from everyone I know who's met her, and she has a better reputation than most pop stars for her she treats people. But like all megastars, her PR machine around her are obstructive, unfriendly and put unnecessary pressure on the people meeting Britney. In addition, during more recent promo rounds Brit's been so protected by a list of "acceptable" questions that no wonder she sounded bored through the Femme Fatale tour promo, because almost everything she was asked was pre-approved, conformed to a list of what was considered okay and then was answered with pre-scripted questions. Any time anyone would go "off piste" she'd look off blankly to her management in the room around her. Out of promo environments i've heard shes a much different animal, much friendlier, warmer and more relaxed.
  10. my coworker knows Britney!!!!!!!!!!

    Heard some not so great things about JL though, but gossip is gossip.
  11. my coworker knows Britney!!!!!!!!!!

    One of my friends met Britney in LA once via her dancers when she was in a club. Britney apparently was super lovely, super normal and bought everyone magnums of champagne in her VIP area, Welcomed my friend and shook her hand and kissed her on the cheek and then told her to grab a glass and enjoy the champagne. My friend is a HUGE britney fan and let me kiss her hand, which i can only assume she has never washed since. A few of my other friends have interviewed Britney at various stages for tv shows and they have only good things to say about her but not so much about her wider team.
  12. Believe or Curious. No one is here for that plastic bottle shit Britney.
  13. Britney Beauty Peak 4 Each Era

    I think if we are honest about it, Since Blackout, Britney has been relying more and more on digital effects to cover the gaps in her appearance. GIMME MORE - Despite the video effects, this is the last time we saw Britney "for real". PIECE OF ME - Heavily digitally edited to make Britney look thinner. BREAK THE ICE - Britney was not even in a fit state to shoot this video WOMANIZER - Brit legit looked great in this, though digital enhancements visible in some shots to make her eyes pop. CIRCUS - Again, flawless, and more naturally so than the Womanizer video. The best she has looked. RADAR - Makeup Design was off on this one. But hot still. HOLD IT AGAINST ME - This is where shit went wrong. Digital editing is back in a big way to cover an obvious weight gain issue. And her eyes, the eyes were dead and asleep. Whatever happened between Circus and Femme Fatale, the fire disappeared. TILL THE WORLD ENDS - Great video, but Brit looked half asleep for half of it, and some of the video wasnt even her. I WANNA GO - Another fun video, but the digital effects are becoming very obvious, especially around Britney's eyes here. CRIMINAL - Digital effects and heavy makeup to cover i dont know what. We see Britney's lip injections tell tale for the first time here. I think this video is ugh in terms of Brit's looks. WORK BITCH - Great video, She looks amazing, but it's been heavily documented that digital effects were used to slim her down and also there are a few sequences where she's clearly had her skin smoothed out too, possibly to cover the signs of the lip injections. PERFUME - Unfortunately the worst she's ever looked. The ill-fitting bra and granny pants that make her look huge, the clear, clear and obvious signs of lip and filler injections, and her generally terrible makeup and new nose - Brit has never looked worse than she did in the Perfume video, IMO.
  14. Amanda Bynes Just Praised Britney On Twitter

    Really worrying sign for Amanda to have this secret twitter account which all but confirms she has multiple personality disorder and a form of schizophrenia. I really hope someone in her circle discovers this account and helps her seek further medical help because this could be the beginning of another very slippery slope.
  15. Yah i was not for it I was Mikepepsi on Breatheheavy