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  1. POLL - Best "Make Me..." video version!

    I didn't say I don't like it it's just the poorest track off BO
  2. POLL - Best "Make Me..." video version!

    Actually it doesn't fit the song at all. I can see why it was scrapped
  3. when did you fall in love with britney?

    fan since BOMT, ultra stan since 2005-2006
  4. Why do people hate the FF era?

    I loved the album, chart performance and single choice but she wasn't feeling well back then obviously... I am so happy she is so happy now
  5. What's your favorite song from BRITNEY JEAN right now?

    Work Bitch and Perfume
  6. My Top 10 Britney Singles

    Pretty surprising but I like the points you stressed out Mine: 10. Me Against The Music 9. Born To Make You Happy 8. Hold It Against Me 7. Crazy 6. Break The Ice 5. Make Me 4. Work Bitch 3. Till The World Ends 2. Toxic 1. Gimme More
  7. I'm now in music shop and....

    Is it Empik?
  8. What is air. I feel like she is gonna release several singles off Glory (hopefully all of the songs) It's worth it
  9. OK People What Is Your Glory Top Ten List?

    Slay Better
  10. OK People What Is Your Glory Top Ten List?

    1. Better 2. Love Me Down 3. Slumber Party 4. Just Luv Me 5. Do You Wanna Come Over? 6. Make Me 7. Change Your Mind 8. Liar 9. Private Show 10. Coupure Electrique
  11. About to sing Britney at a kareoke thread

    I wanna see it

    I just want Better to get so much attention