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  1. I Just Can't Take It Anymore. I Cry Every Night.

    Get that promo Queen of Vocals Mimi Fierce
  2. I can't handle this ANYMORE. I cry myself to bed each and every night. I can't take any of it. I can't take the fact that Britney Spears is so PERFECT! I look at a photo of her, and I just want to cry because she is literal perfection and I can't handle it. How can a human being possibly be so flaw free?? Even her personality is perfect! She's kind and funny and beautiful. When will others' faves
  3. Would You Rather....

    True. And I've noticed the albums Britney has had the most creative control on are her most loved albums
  4. I'm Sick Of People Body Shaming Mariah Carey

    Love you Jay
  5. I'm Sick Of People Body Shaming Mariah Carey

    Maybe she wouldn't feel the need to photoshop and change her appearance if people weren't so critical of her to begin with
  6. I'm Sick Of People Body Shaming Mariah Carey

    I like fritos
  7. I'm Sick Of People Body Shaming Mariah Carey

    The shade I want Mariah and Ariana to do a duet to show there is no bad blood (ft. Kendrick Lamar) between them
  8. I'm Sick Of People Body Shaming Mariah Carey

    I don't find it cute when people use it as an insult I like your Selma signature btw. Were you influenced by our iconic member Jay?
  9. Would You Rather....

    Would you rather have a commercially successful era for B9 so that people can see that Britney is in fact relevant, and always will be, or have an album with little success but is critically acclaimed and artistic? Personally, I want a critically acclaimed album, ngl. Commercial success would be nice, don't get me wrong, but for me, quality of music is more important than charts. You?
  10. Like when people call her "Moo" or call her fat or something....It's just really pathetic, and in the end it's bullying. I'm okay with people having different tastes in music and stuff, but when it gets to the point where you have to make fun of somebody's body size it becomes nothing but petty abuse. Beauty comes in multiple sizes!
  11. Awww they were cute together. Too bad it couldn't work out.
  12. Please Help Me Win Fifth Harmony Tickets!

    Okay, so I'm in a contest to win tickets to see Fifth Harmony in San Antonio, and right now I'm in third place!!! Sooo I was hoping everyone here in the Britney Army and the Universe family could help me to get first place, and hopefully retain that place for the next twenty days so that I can see them in concert. Basically, if you click on this link and go watch videos and look at photos and listen to music, I get points to help me win. It would make me so so happy if everybody could help me! https://www.tunespeak.com/cg/55762c0269702d3a32483a02?fb_action_ids=10203177895527950&fb_action_types=og.shares Also, this next link is the sledgehammer video. If you watch it from this link, I get more points than any other video! https://www.tunespeak.com/p/556f88ec69702d2276a18300?fb_action_ids=10203157789345308&fb_action_types=og.shares Thank you
  13. Natalia Kills Her Career

    I'm pretty sure they have stylists