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  1. Piece of me tour - promo

    Just found this little Promotion in cologne/Germany keep on selling queen ❤️
  2. Godney She truely IS a living legend! Can't wait to see her performing again
  3. POM on tour

    @I_need_me you are probably right....but I'm still excited cause the last time I saw Godney was in Cologne (2011)... i really have a huge smile on my face right now
  4. POM on tour

    Holy cow yes! I'm soooo excited and happy to hear that britney will bring Pom to North America, uk and Europe This year! I can't wait to see my queen performing again... she will performe 23 shows....
  5. True story! Planet Hollywood promised it and I'm sad that we won't get a Vegas-DVD....so if britney will be on the road in 2018 i just NEED an official DVD! (My heart still is broken that we never got circus on DVD) ...
  6. I'm so excited! I would love to see my queen again in Europe after all these years i still want an official DVD to be honest
  7. New Outfits From Last Night's #PieceOfMe Show (December 27th)

    I LOVE the new work bitch outfit! she he is so hot! Can't wait to see the New Year's Eve - performance
  8. Yeah! Amazing news can't wait to see her performance and I hope she will rock it
  9. New Instagram Post (December 12th)

    She is gorgeous! Love everything about her! She seems to be pretty happy with her life and her keep on rockin Godney
  10. Look what arrived for me on her birthday!

    I do have that in my collection, too. And I love it! (to have an official radar-cd feels great...) hopefully we will get something huge 4 her anniversary
  11. Rumor: Justin Bieber's New Single "Here For It" Will Feature Britney?!!

    Im here 4 it! I'm not a huge jb fan but he is extremely successful and a good single could bring britney closer to a younger generation again but it would be way better if it's britney feat Justin instead of Justin ft britney...
  12. New Instagram Post (November 12th)

    Congrats to all the awards!amazing news! britney is the queen of Vegas
  13. OOPS....SHE DID IT AGAIN...?

  14. New Instagram Post (Oct.20th)

    1998 - 2017 she is simply beautiful
  15. I just bought tickets to Piece Of Me!

    That's awesome im sure it's gonna be an amazing trip 4 u! Have a lot of fun and take some pics for us