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  1. RT @KissMySnap: The final chapter in the Trish & Lita storybook. 😭 https://t.co/tWOleA1irw

  2. I’m back!!! See U tonight!! I can’t wait to see the remodeled 24 Hour Camarillo gym! ❤️ If you cant make it this we… https://t.co/86NACiETSV

  3. RT @tommiecas: Want to hear the stories behind these photos, and other incoherent ramblings? You will...in less than twelve hours, on @Agen…

  4. RT @DreaMartinez_: And it’s not just two fires you guys...there’s five fires going on...so stop comparing and being dumb and do something t…

  5. RT @dopeIectric: Britney Spears has been the most influential musical figure in my life ever since she debuted. Happy birthday to a living…

  6. RT @DisneylandAP: Calling all Annual Passholders! Don't forget pre-sale tickets to Disneyland After Dark are now available! Tickets are lim…

  7. RT @Britneysmoments: 79. The Vegas Residency started in December 2013. Vegas had huge impact in Britney's life and we are thankful for it.…

  8. This was the best thanksgiving day retail workday ever. So chill. It was fun, but I’ve been prepping for this weeke… https://t.co/XHD7SlEpZK

  9. Me at work when I found out @RealPaigeWWE returned with @SonyaDevilleWWE & @WWE_MandyRose https://t.co/FDNKSdyv9i

  10. RT @_codythegreat: I wish I had friends that get a taco truck at their house just for me when I come to visit like @MaryseMizanin does for…

  11. RT @Sierra_2015: Dude was showing the gorilla pictures of female gorillas and he for real is like "next one please" https://t.co/o2FPjCJPMb

  12. I’ll take all 78 please 😍😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/yJlCSEtaAS

  13. @trishstratuscom @LilKim @WWEUniverse I still perform your entrance when this bumps on my playlist ! https://t.co/WDtSECcaz1

  14. @mslayel 1 of my fav attires! Still get goosebumps watching your return at Extreme Rules from your injury and won… https://t.co/n6K00gnTfS

  15. RT @bcnkrupt: me getting ready to buy birdiebee and then seeing the prices https://t.co/miTvSnhvvJ