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  1. RT @neiltyson: My sister’s mutt Luna has strong opinions about who should win at @TheNatlDogShow. I’ve seen some humans do this too. https:…

  2. RT @chenysin: botw x the shape of water 🦈🦈❤️ #sidlink #BOTW https://t.co/UamKj4E7TP

  3. A moira eh bem ruim, sem graça Sombra foi a melhor até agora

  4. @Estadao @EstadaoCultura interpretando tommy wiseau, vi os trailers e já posso afirmar que james franco merece um oscar

  5. RT @chidaquiles: NASA’s Juno probe took some raw images of Jupiter AND JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!!! https://t.co/9dYGtbCquV

  6. According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small for i… https://t.co/bqn2DkEhTX

  7. RT @HotGamerSex: ba groba naby dooni tudem https://t.co/Fk2Cqjl5bq

  8. @KroneckrDeltaPi Right. I have no idea on what Detroit's about. Relationship robot/man?? IDK. Maybe Megaman did it… https://t.co/uV47q3vQkU

  9. RT @LimitedRunGames: Final giveaway of the month! A new neon orange PlayStation Vita with the rarest game - our first - Breach & Clear. RT…

  10. @VEJA Nunca foi bom tbh

  11. RT @dnrxx: quando eu me sinto inútil lembro desse livro https://t.co/K2Ij5QIN8j

  12. RT @rufatto: A resenha definitiva https://t.co/H20iSb9cIw

  13. estou em sao paulo kede o kojima

  14. RT @RodriguezDaGod: https://t.co/asVtCQGZmg link to the recorder's Youtube channel and the video

  15. RT @joaoluisjr: olha as ideia dos cara https://t.co/A7WMTrmsFj