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Daydream, Mariah's fantasy

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    And your eyes let me know... that Mariah is a skinny legend.
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  1. Britney's New Perfume "Sunset Fantasy" Is Now Available In Some Countries

    hate to admit it but you're right! well, at first I thought it was made by a fan tbh
  2. New Instagram Post (November 14th)

    body goals
  3. New Instagram Post (November 4th)

  4. Why was RCA so lazy for release Just Luv Me video like this?!

    it doesn't match at all with the song. I mean, the editing
  5. energetic-ney ! (sharp moves) during break the ice performance last night

    I think wearing that bomt-like outfit on her insta gave her back her powers
  6. New Britney hoodie on Urban Outfitters

    the guy looks cute tbh. also I'm hungry
  7. Glad her big booty is gone...

    You're so critical, I swear
  8. REQ - someone who can filter instrumental or have contact from Max Martin?

  9. hope britney goes vegan tbh
  10. I just bought tickets to Piece Of Me!

    I'm bookmarking this just in case
  11. An Early Reflection

    it wasn't that much but still
  12. An Early Reflection

    omg you're back! Welcome
  13. remember to "remove format" when you copy and paste a text Just press the button with the T and the little x so we can actually see the post
  14. Target Britney Shirt

    lol true
  15. Mariah's masterpieces