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Daydream, Mariah's fantasy

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    And your eyes let me know... that Mariah is a skinny legend.
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  1. the guy looks cute tbh. also I'm hungry
  2. You're so critical, I swear
  3. hope britney goes vegan tbh
  4. I'm bookmarking this just in case
  5. it wasn't that much but still
  6. omg you're back! Welcome
  7. remember to "remove format" when you copy and paste a text Just press the button with the T and the little x so we can actually see the post
  8. lol true
  9. I kinda love it
  10. the honesty
  11. 1)BO 2) FF 3)Glory 4) Oidia 5)circus 6)In the zone 7)Britney 8)BOMT 9)Britney jean
  12. We're definitely not normal, just not interested on Taylor
  13. yas this