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  1. This (Opera) version of Toxic.....

    I'm dead
  2. New Britney hoodie on Urban Outfitters

    Me too... Japanese that is. I google'd it and it means Bitch (as expected) as in female dog (wtf)... I think they could have gone for ビッチ (pronunciation: Bitchi) instead of the kanji...
  3. Blackout's 10th anniversary - What's team B up to?

    Pretty sure they are not gonna doing anything...
  4. I Need Advice - Britney T-Shirts

    Agree with them all. If I only have one, I would not wear it, so I'll buy two I love that tee from Target so much but I don't live in the US...
  5. I just bought tickets to Piece Of Me!

    Have fun! It'll be amazing!
  6. 2017 Is Officially The YEAR OF COMEBACKS!

    Pre-ordered her new album!
  7. Look What My Friend Got Me!

    I went on 16/8 as well!!!!! I went to the M&G but then I was so nervous my mind went blank when I saw Brit and the whole exp was like less than 10 secs T___T (I didn't check this forum during my stay in the US until now that I'm back for a day or two in my hometown.)
  8. Look What My Friend Got Me!

    So happy for you! I'm going in a few days!
  9. Look what I got a few days ago!

    It looks very cool!
  10. If only the quality was higher... I bought a few clothes and found that the quality was just average at best.
  11. Thank you so much for making this thread.
  12. Delete 3 tracks from Glory

    I chose Better...
  13. How do they select the freakshow person?

    Half of me wants to get picked and half of me doesn't. I feel so nervous to be on stage, but then I want to see her up close haha
  14. New Britney: Live In Concert Merch

    I think top left and work bitch tees are my fav