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  1. hit me baby one more time... *trollney at her best*

    same i thought she was gonna perform it
  2. So... No Acceptance Speech? Nothing?

    lol maybe they will announce her award later
  3. loved that night there was so much britney love that night. the way the crowd screamed for her still gives me chills.
  4. miley cyrus probably
  5. Who's Pierce? And Is Britney Doing Something With Netflix?

    i didn't read the whole thing but if britney does something with netflix that would be really cool
  6. Melissa Joan Hart..

    what was the tweet
  7. Am I The Only One Who's Never Seen This?

    yeah i saw it for the first time a couple months ago it's so funny that's not actually max tho (idk if that's what you thought but that's what i thought when i first saw it)
  8. Catchy Songs Or Deep Songs, What Do You Prefer For B9?

    just like good songs tbh without myah
  9. Happy Birthday britneymatangi!

  10. If You Lost Your Memory Of Britney

    lol i have no idea tbh it was just something i found on tumblr lol
  11. New Picture Of Jamie Lynn With Britney!

    supes adorbs
  12. If You Lost Your Memory Of Britney

  13. Which Justin Is She Talking About In Piece Of Me?

    but for your sig and profile pic