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  2. This... Confirms that it's just a greatest hits CD. I'm let down as fuck right now, but at least I ordered a limited pressing with Mood Ring and some random mix of Me Against The Music.
  3. IT'S SO TRUE IT'S TRAGIC Remember when Ashley took their song and made it better?
  4. Kinda curious about that bootleg bluray music video collection...
  5. I'm kinda dumb, so thank you
  6. I had no clue. Receipts? Not that I'm doubting you, but I'd like confirmation? https://mega.nz/#!3E9AjAZJ!EQEOMIZ2Sd5KtpBCL0Fxa_Zegaz2SdfKz5EeRYQGb-8
  7. I REALLY want to believe, but that second screenshot... That don't look like her nose?
  8. Aren't you supposed to be gone, you know, with that request for your account being um... "deleted"? But you should know the song is an unfinished demo from 2003, literally 14 years ago, still unfinished, and leaked in a low quality. Which is probably why you think it's basic - I thought the chorus / drop would be better myself, but I don't consider it "basic" at all, just unfinished production. Lyrically, this song was WAY ahead of it's time (Talking about mixed races? WAY ahead of 2003.) I mean, it's better than you complaining about Britney Jean for once
  9. https://mega.nz/#!fdMQAIDS!sWUM9nxPrk4TjD7RWdA-CQnWzIT20rx0fMbdoRU3Cks Why the fuck do leaks happen only when I work.
  10. I want to believe but until it has actual confirmation I'm not gonna say it's real. It looks kinda real. Kinda.
  11. Please god, let Just Luv Me be a single because the rerelease in Japan
  12. Negative. I saw the remix EP on eBay, but it was a bootleg. Plus I don't want the remixes, just the song
  13. I prefer the original but the new choreo ISN'T bad...?
  14. Swear on my life, saw it around the time Mood Ring was available. There were 5 versions. Two with Solo slumber party, two with Tinashe, and Mood Ring if it was Japanese. I dunno how it could be gone completely tho. That's weird. I swear on my life I saw CD re-prints going around
  15. Could have sworn I saw it listed on Amazon when the single dropped.