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  1. Britney wants to be a mom at times and at other times she wants to be a sex goddess. tbh, Britney could do something like this and I'd be 100% fine with it
  3. I will in the morning tbh It's my day off, I smoked a blunt, I'm ready for bed
  4. When did you send me the Stronger DC? I didn't discover it until someone pointed it out to me
  5. I found Sometimes in a bad 1080p upscale, Stronger in legit 720p, and Crazy in 576p. Kinda happy tbh, Stronger and Crazy >>>>>
  6. Dlmbtltk on the FFT was the best promo for a long forgotten song I will be DAMNED if that song is never performed again If you look at the Google trends thing it had a huge spike in 2012 and afterwards I'm sure all the other spikes in Google searches were from me tbh Y'all don't appreciate dlmbtltk enough tbh. Everytime umbrella who?
  7. media section. Its pinned. Its my own thread.
  8. Britney obviously doesn't know her Keesha and Tinasha who?
  9. Automatic Part 2 is messy but urban You haven't even heard Automatic part 1
  10. I still consider it the reason they changed it. After that incident, every performance of Break The Ice with the leg choreography was lackluster. Every performance she barely moved her legs during that part. So I just assumed that they changed it because it was too much on her knees. Since both of my knees are broken and have floating cartilage and shit, I know knee pain when I see it. But I don't blame her. But good lord do I love the original choreo.
  11. I just wanna point out how bad the choreo for Break The Ice has been since they changed it. Y'know, from Piece of Me to Piece of Me 2.0. I would also like to point out that you can hear me screaming YAAASSSSSSS She hurt her knee during a Halloween performance and no one noticed, but it's why they had to change the choreo. If you go to a 6:28, when she goes down during "Won't you warm up to me?" she gets back up and stumbles a little bit. And then she reaches down at her knee. I can't believe no one remembers it.
  13. BoA's album was a disgusting mess tbh. Utada's This Is The One >>>>>
  14. Britney should put down tobacco... and pick up marijuana tbh 100% natural, doesn't hurt your lungs or singing voice, and gives you better insight on life If Team B is reading this, roll Britney a fat swisher at least 2 g's