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  1. No, I did an extensive search and I found a download link but it was broken. So I messaged valet girls. I saw him online the other day so hopefully he'll log on soon and see my message. He and I used to be real tight. He actually made two vaporwave albums after I introduced him to it.
  2. You forgot "King of Universe" And "King of Blunts"
  3. I'm on the hunt for it babe, gimme some time
  4. ...I don't think this is a thread that should be opened It's not our business, and virginity is a manmade concept developed to shame women to sleep with only one man.
  5. I was doing some thinking and I thought, why not share my Instagram with everybody? All I do is post abstract art which is mostly vaporwave and sometimes I'll post a selfie or a picture that I took but mostly it's vaporwave. I just thought it would be nice for everybody to have the chance to follow each other if they would like. If you're interested, check out my Instagram page.
  6. My laptop fan shit itself. So currently I can only access Universe via Mobile. My laptop overheats whenever I use it for pretty much... Anything. So that's why I've been a little inactive. I'm going to Walmart tonight to see if they have any screw extracting kits because the two screws I have that I cannot get out or stripped where when you take a Phillips head to the screw and it won't turn it will damage the shape of the whole that you're supposed to turn and go completely around making it unable to be used. So I've got to extract it. The bad thing is it's on my computer's motherboard so it might be a little dangerous. Other than that I've been thinking of so many different threads to post but by the time I have any free time I usually forget. But yeah I just wanted to say hey y'all. Don't worry about me. I'm alive. Life sucks but I'm still here
  7. Yes. It's possible. I'm gay. I have no sex drive. Mostly because of my medications but that and I need commitment. None of the guys in my area won't commitment, they just want a one night stand. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you're asexual. Asexuality means that you have no attraction to any gender. So I believe the term you're looking for is demisexual, which is where you only have sexual Tendencies towards someone if you personally know them, which is something that I identify as. Sort of. I don't like getting into these weird labels so I just say but I'm into dudes and I need a commitment.
  8. You forgot Perfume and Alien
  9. Why reupload them if you know there are two links already on here The original leak and my masterpost thread
  10. I'm convinced the actual singer is male and that this demo is pitched up to the point where we think the singer is actually female.
  11. Not bad... @therealmgo
  12. If i'm not mistaken, that's the DVD-A?
  13. I didn't know about the bonus track, wtf? Receipts? Official?
  14. What the fuck? If @Turn Ya Head don't work I'll upload them individually.
  15. @HolySpearit Sorry it took me 5 years https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B09Kvhh5cSiuTFJNSjNGMktlR2c