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  2. No because the pre-order plays fine still My only issue is that when going to the second vinyl, first side, starting with Better, sometimes the vinyl needle will skip over the intro of Better, and I have new vinyl needles I got for Christmas, so they got me fucked up tbh. Either way someone ripped it in 16bit for me, so I'm not too pressed.
  3. Old thread, but I'm gonna allow it because Confessions is still amazing to this day. American Life who? I was 10 when Confessions was released, so I was innocent to the world - and I still love the album But I gotta admit I love the unmixed/separated versions better.
  4. 99.9% Sure it is. As long as it has "cum all over ya face" I'm fine And I'm sure the instrumental has leaked? I'll look for it.
  5. The only Joanne I know is Burka Joanne tbh I haven't paid attention this era but I'm happy John Wayne got to be a single (with a messy ass video.) I literally won't stan for Gaga until Princess Die / DWUW video leaks.
  6. http://www88.zippyshare.com/v/MGMqPSqV/file.html
  7. Wait, you got the Sleazy demo vocal stems? Wanna do me a favor and throw together a 320kbps demo for me? I've been looking for one everywhere.
  8. What the fuck??? They literally... Promised us one? And now nothing? I mean we got the Apple Music fest., but that wasn't the greatest thing in the world Planet Hollywood needs to step their shit up, especially since we know there are cameras. TCSBS who?
  9. main page

    I do And I'll be seeing it a second time.
  10. main page

    CLUMSY AT PIECE OF ME??? Please just be an addition, don't take away anything, especially DYWCO
  11. #JusticeForHeAboutToLoseMe
  12. And she definitely DID get that facelift.
  13. Yes. You will PM either @therealmgo or myself with your rate of songs. We have lists categorized by each era, and we got 3 months to do the entire rating of her entire discography. So basically, you could review Blackout one week, BOMT the next, and so on. The number rates go 0 to 10, and you can give ONLY ONE song an 11 - Only one from her ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY. (Choose wisely.) And if DLMBTLTK gets eliminated...