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  1. I don't know if I have this one backed up or not
  2. So Bjork is releasing a new album this year called "Utopia", the followup to her 2014 album Vulnicura, which was about how she got divorced So Utopia is the direct follow up. Vulnicura was about being hurt and healing of the hurt. And Utopia, I'm assuming "The Gate" is the first track, as the song's first lyric is "My healed chest wound..." So I've been excited, because the single had little to no attention or promo, but who cares? Bjork doesn't need promo Anyway, the song dropped, and it has MINIMAL production, with windflute, slight synth, and some bass. That's about it. I was kind of disappointed but then I grew to love the slow, minimal sounds of The Gate And then the video just dropped and bitch is serving THE MOST OF AESTHETICS to have ever hit commerical music #PreorderUtopia #BuyTheGateOniTunes
  3. If I ever edited Just Luv Me I might do a vapor of it.
  4. *my edit
  5. Now you do.
  6. Honey, I'm a mod.
  7. You're welcome for the leak.
  8. Maybe the next one.
  9. Despite what others think, yes I am
  10. I'm back again after the episode that was the DYWCO leak. I was given orders by the voices in my head to give you guys a leak. Apparently, it's spreaded even farther and therefore, I gotta be the one to fuck it up for everyone who "just got an exclusive stem pack". Make sure y'all look at the timestamp - It's currently 10:50 PM CST Here in Florida. At this present moment and timeframe, you won't find a post on Reddit, or Tumblr, or Soundcloud for the stems. But right after I hit "submit topic", you'll see everyone claiming responsibility. Some people are just so desperate... But y'all know you got it first, right here, directly from HeadstrongWolf https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B09Kvhh5cSiuR1hPaXA5dUFCTGs And I have a certain person here continuing to look at my threads Don't think I don't see you just because you don't post. How's that Glory pre-order vinyl I ordered you doing?
  11. Play the games and then speak
  12. The games disagree with you, and so does Crash Bandicoot Hell