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  1. Pitbull collab this summer?

    I mean it's possible and possibly promo for hey Ma, but I doubt and unreleased song would get performed alive. But then again we did also get burning up. I wouldn't get my hopes up for a live performance of hey Ma. As for a new song, it's definitely possible but we don't know if she's even in the studio for her next album.
  2. How To Not Be Rude

    I don't know how to tbh.
  3. Website: New Britneyology

    @therealmgo you should use this for that thread about her unreleased and shit.
  4. Scammer Alert

    @therealmgo stealing my wig like always @MelaniesPlayground this isn't a trading site. We have a trade SECTION but it's not really used cause that shit goes down in PMs. Yes, unreleased remixes exist. (Several Phunkstar Mixes are out there but not leaked. I even asked Bentley Jones himself.) Master files are real. Remasters are not. It's almost like you're saying YouTube uploads are the highest quality I'm sorry but like, no wonder you got scammed. You can be here, but only for Britney. If you want other stuff, you're better off on SoundCloud. But I mean, that's just what I think. The more users, the messier
  5. Scammer Alert

    Well me for one And several other users on here and SoundCloud. I don't know specifics. I just know my stuff. Trust me babe. I was given the green light from my source to leak the stems to dywco because they had them. But yeah, you're new here so you wouldn't know, but us that have been here a good minute, we been known
  6. Scammer Alert

    Actually it's a well known fact in the trading community that they are a scammer More-so than Circuit now.
  7. Scammer Alert

    Two gifs at the same time (For the record, Pillowtalk DID leak. I don't know where, my source just said it did. And for Passenger, I had snippets for nearly 6 months, but as soon as I realized they had the song, I knew it was going to leak.)
  8. Scammer Alert

    Me @ watching this drama and seeing a certain user get exposed for the billionth time.
  9. Invitation (Piano Version) [UPDATED]

    It's pretty! But those vocals Send me that instrumental
  10. Scammer Alert

    Bebe who?
  11. Scammer Alert

    I dunno, I'm just assuming here.
  12. Anymore Traders

  13. Scammer Alert

    1st rule of trading. But Warrior instrumental? Yassss bitch I'm living, I just need The Harold Song (pro tools) tbh. That's all I want from Ke-Dollar Sign-Ha. 2nd rule, don't trust certain members. Lol.
  14. glory fan made tour

    Interesting, can't wait to hear. Remixes or is it just audio with fans?