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  1. Imagine if they went with my plan and had DYWCO as single 2 and Slumber Party as single 3, both with connected music videos
  2. Good photoshop, but we all know that picture is there It's the new FF picture they used on everything
  3. main page

    I'm going to throw myself off a bridge. Please just release a remix of Change Your Mind as a single for fucks sake, since they're giving it more love than the rest of the album.
  4. Aestheticney Jeanwave //420\DVD\BEACHES.ISO
  5. Tbh B10 is definitely just gonna be recycled Glory demos and maybe 2 new songs (and maybe a collab as the lead single.)
  6. I know
  7. http://universe.absolutebritney.com/topic/12629-britneys-discography-demos-masterpost/ I made this thread, why does no one use it.
  8. Come on Jonte, you know better http://universe.absolutebritney.com/topic/12629-britneys-discography-demos-masterpost/
  9. Because she said "Jean" was also her middle name I don't even remember her first name tbh we met at a party But I was like "do you have a minute to talk about our Lord and Savior Britney Spears?" and she said "I do! I love Britney Jean!" At first I was like But then she said the only track she remembered was Perfume and I went from to I told her Glory was out and she said she hadn't heard of it #RIP Just thought I'd share this story
  10. Receipts tbh
  11. This is probably my favorite one so far.
  12. You even uploaded it in lossless, yas boo
  13. According to my source he didn't even have the complete set Why you braggin I had the STEMS for a while tho This is just beyond stupid.
  14. Case and point. Please leave. Also your information was false, I didn't have it a few weeks prior, just a few hours. Real bitches know how to stay quiet.
  15. I can't wait for your first gay experience so you'll get attached and be heartbroken tbh Yeah, I can call you a messy ass bottom, you're over 13 and you wanted to start shit. Square up and finish shit or don't. I have to correct you because you keep bringing yourself in here and starting shit for no reason What part of "we don't want you here" do you not understand If I was your mother, I'd slap the shit out of you, but since I'm not, I think it'd be sufficient to slap the shit of her for raising such an ingrate. My home life is not permanent - I'm looking for a job. Yeah, I listen to vaporwave, and every once in a while, I complain. I have every right to - that's what the section is for. Yet you'll criticize that I use it for that function? That kinda shit happens when you're constantly being bounced around from medication to medication. Maybe you should get on some so you'll finally realize where you're not wanted You think that's all I do but I also go out with my friends and go to redneck parties and get trashed usually, and I'm currently happy where I'm at with my life, that's more than I can say about you. Now, go away. Go back to SoundCloud and keep trading your fake shit and keep scamming people out of things that leak anyway Literally. I've tried giving you a chance. Multiple people on this forum (and other forums, if you wanna get that petty) even know it. You just never learn.