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  1. You should be banned for these words
  2. She sounded more like MMCney era voice, in every case she slayed my [email protected] ass af!
  3. I want to belieeeeeeeve!!!
  4. http://independent.ie/style/celebrity/britney-spears-hopes-to-marry-boyfriend-sam-asghari-but-dad-jamie-is-worried-he-may-be-after-her-money-36049854.html What?
  5. ???????
  6. She totally killed their ass
  7. Finally we got IT!!!
  8. And she could see how everyone acted so crazy if she sung live, so hope it's very good start for her future live performances She reminded me lots of her MMCney voice there, totally slayed finally and saw full video since 2013!!! BTW- is there full video of this show???
  9. https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/music/843588/Britney-Spears-live-vocals-singing-Las-Vegas-Something-To-Talk-About-Bonnie-Rait/amp http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4806484/amp/Britney-Spears-stuns-fans-live-Bonnie-Raitt-cover.html POST HERE ALL LINKS FROM 'MOTHERFUCKERS'!!!
  10. What?
  11. I more care about 100% Live vocals than some costume
  12. 100% in 2004 or possibly in 2008
  13. Thank you "I keep having you mother fuckers something to talk about OK" She did it for shut up her haters! Btw- whole introduction sounded so different and "weird" ("like its quiet right now, it feels kinda illegal doing this with only a mic in my hand right now it feels so weird.") OMG hope she will sing Perfume at least for once live at some TV show