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  1. We can ask that guy from Facebook for Glory edition with BJ pics
  2. Believe me pllllllz that she looked so much better than in 2011.
  3. Most of pics there are heavily edited.
  4. I can't
  5. If you have any twitter or email for this person, so you can post here it. I just want to say my THANK YOU for this work!
  6. I know, I'm flop fan - but I always saw Britney's BJ photoshoot pics with Google images (all B&W pics) and now for the 1st time I saw whole booklet scans in torrent discography and it's really the best of all what they did! - photos with her sons, dogs, fans + their work for Britney, older rare photos and really cool text font!
  7. About the booklet content I don't understand why RCA just can't release all BJ/albums photoshoot pics as photobook? I'd pay for this beauty!
  8. Maybe yes, ............but her face is different now (since 2014)
  9. Who knows, it's about "her" so she can
  10. some Britney's bashing tweet about 'parody movie' about her life
  11. I don't curr about whole movie, just tell me what you saw during "pre-debut" era part
  12. ...for filtered instrumentals:
  13. Oh my f*cking God I'm so obsessed with this photoshoot!!!!!
  14. Whole movie is wrong, tho
  15. I Am Britney Jean Idk what is more worse