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  1. Sis... I know its some demo, but still its better to leak "this" Take Off than what she leaked in real
  2. Sounds basic, I need this one in full: ASAP!!!
  3. main page

    Rather I'd like to get music videos for Change Your Mind/What You Need tho...
  4. K
  5. K....I just wanted you help...
  6. I saw somewhere physical, but SP remixes with Tinash..
  7. Idk about physical, just saw somewhere it in FLAC Officially ohysical version doesn't exist because it was re-edited after Glory release.
  8. Because I don't think you should have not money for her new music because its so much edited and her voicr compressed, sis. Britney did so much better work.
  9. Tbh. She dropped her popularity into the universe as supergiant so fast and ended as the supernova....
  10. Because its embarassing af that Britney is lazy for spending one weekend in the studio and record some live vocals Idk no one other artist who did this with 20yrs old voice and acting that it's okay to sing almost at 40 with voice from 17yrs age
  11. Help my Dad get custody of Mary Please watch video above ^ ^ My dad... some of you may know him as "The Unknown Comic" I know him as the best father in the world. My dad retired 26 years ago when I was born to raise me. He is and always will be a dedicated and amazing father.9 years after I was brought into the world, my little sister Mary was born.She was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.My dad and Mary instantly connected, their bond is so special. If you've ever been around the two of them, you'd know what I mean.Mary is almost 17 years old now, and things have been great up until earlier this year...Mary's mother has been trying to keep Mary from seeing our dad.She is asking the court for him to have SUPERVISED visitation only. She's attacked my dad's character, his livelihood, and even has verbally gone after me.My dad is heartbroken. (and so am I)Mary doesn't understand what's going on, and she hates to leave my dad. It's devastating to see her cry everytime she has to go back to her mother.My dad has had to spend an insane amount of money fighting since january and court dates keep being postponed.As I mentioned earlier, my dad retired 26 years ago, so you can imagine money is tight, and lawyers are expensive.But Mary is worth every penny.I'm asking for your guys' help to pay these hefty, but necessary lawyer fees.It would mean the world to us.Please help put my family back together. --- https://www.gofundme.com/585exmak