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  1. You can go to shave your head, then do some attack with umbrella and maybe then you'll get the same
  2. You can't handle your life?
  3. But....His obsession is just....nnnnnn
  4. Why???
  5. Your expectitations are not allowed by her + team
  6. Money, you know.
  7. Af I'm here everyday
  8. Its obsession tho , how he is copying her
  9. In my country we have lots of Britney albums for low cost or stores with Glory LP & other CD's
  10. So glad you are still here with us!
  11. Sis...w'all see it during FF/BJ/G era in interviews... You know/therapy/cool and fun & etc.
  12. We still have some stores with her LP, even must wait over week/2.: http://www.audio3.cz/goods.asp?gid=2478934&source=xml http://www.vltava.cz/Hudba/Ruzne-LP-CD-MC/Glory-Deluxe-Edition-2016-Vinyl/produkt=861052118/kategorie=16610/ http://tony.cz/index.php/eshop/britney-spears-glory-deluxe-edition-2016-vinyl.html http://www.arara.cz/product/666634 http://www.endisc.cz/glory-2079126.html
  13. Better party than whole video
  14. But she is more passive person now and she is acting like she must be careful to what she says.