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  1. Glad to have here some users who just ignore my threads
  2. And there is no reason why should you post here posts in (=bump this) thread and talk elsewhere
  3. but......because everything what happened to you have impact for your brain and what and how you paint shows in what state is your mind?
  4. Whitney fans - a.k.a everyone - get your cards out: there's a new album coming. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Bodyguard, Whitney Houston's estate have announced a brand new album of previously unreleased recordings of the famous songs that took over the world. I Wish You Love: More From The Bodyguard featuring alternate versions, unreleased remixes and live performances recorded during the wildly successful The Bodyguard World Tour that went on for three years The movie's original history-making, record-breaking soundtrack is the fourth best-selling album of all time and won several Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year for the iconic single 'I Will Always Love You', so this is pretty special. Whitney's live renditions of all six songs will be incredible to hear, although the huge moment of this album is the alternative mix of 'I Will Always' which is her first ever take of the song (!!) and includes a spoken word intro. Only an talent like Whitney could nail a song so well in their first attempt that it can be released, and we bet it's just as breathtaking as the version that ended up released. Posthumous releases are often uncomfortable as a fan and listener, however this feels more like a celebration of Whitney as a sensational live performer and her musical legacy. I Wish You Love will be released on November 17th, with a limited edition purple vinyl available for order. http://www.mtv.co.uk/whitney-houston/news/a-new-whitney-houston-album-i-wish-you-love-announced pre-order: https://legacyrecordings.lnk.to/bdygrd25 https://whitneyhouston.shop.musictoday.com/store/ Pre-Order Japan edition (November 22): http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SICP-31131 --- Tracklist: 1. "I Will Always Love You" (Alternate Mix) 2. "I Have Nothing" (Film Version) 3. "I'm Every Woman" (Clivillés & Cole House Mix I Edit) 4. "Run to You" (Film Version) 5. "Queen of the Night" (Film Version) 6. "Jesus Loves Me" (Film Version) 7. "Jesus Loves Me" (A Cappella Version) 8. "I Will Always Love You" (Film Version) 9. "I Have Nothing" (Live) 10. "Run to You" (Live) 11. "Jesus Loves Me / He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" (Live) 12. "Queen of the Night" (Live) 13. "I Will Always Love You" (Live) 14. "I'm Every Woman" (Live)
  5. someone told "...I wanna see the real her. Like we know that her voice is deep for singing and speaking. I want her to do what she wants. I want her to be able to speak in her normal voice. I want her to be able to have brown hair. I want her to be able to act her age. I want her to be able to show her mature personality. Im not gonna lie with the whole vegas and BJ thing I was expecting her to quit (although her controllers would never let her) i just want her to be free and if it means quitting, id more than support her doing so..." And I'm with this.
  6. It's....nice
  7. Okay, in every case - what version do you like more? Demo or final?
  8. That uniforn is nice.
  9. But I just analyzed colors + things what she paints.
  10. I don't want to shade her, but my feelings about this picture is that she seems to be overchecked with doctors It's just...nice. But I feel like she is pretending to be "perfect and okay", but it's not her real person at this picture (especially used colors)... ....... Your thoughts (only) about this picture?
  11. + prying for all videos from the studio sessions during BOMT era + leaked stems from BOMT album & BJ albums and also her all pre-debut live performances from 1996-1998
  12. You can buy Japan CD edition and there is it
  13. This