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  1. It was mega hit here in 2005: Love these songs: Btw- When I Grow Up is Britneys song (maybe she recorded it), at least she could sing there bridge in video. Sad that whole situation was sad that most of vocals did Nicole because she wanted more to be like "singer+her dancers" and she did most of vocals in 2008 album and that's why this group is dead since 2009/10. They could did together and she sing there max 60% of lead vocals.
  2. @Gimme More tbh nicole vocal quality growed up since 2005 to 2008, In 2005 it was normal voice, but in 2007 in Baby Love her voice slayed, then she left PCD and her music/voice is just shit.
  3. Fruity/green/black tea?
  4. Its questionable, hope it will her own life soon...
  5. I've noticed that whole team Britney did not 80% since 2013 of what fans wants and need, don't be mad at me. I'm just not affraid to say the truth even I'm her fan and there are some light parts what I love....just open your eyes and say everything right and wrong about her.
  6. Okay At least is it a bit different thread
  7. Yes, but it needs a bit more light color for title ?✌
  8. All what she needs now for 100% good live singing is get back her 1997/8 vocal coach...
  9. Tbh- I hate this girl and how she looks here
  10. Really seriously - her All By Myself studio high vocals totally slayed my ears and I'm so pissed that she never did it with same way live Check the last minute, its like eargasm to hear her angry high notes.... --- Here is the way how she sang it.. Id pay for hear it live what she did jn the studio tbh!!!
  11. She is not interesting person, her solo career is hard flop and there are many rumours about ThePCD group reunion because her career have low selling. Hope for their comeback, because ALL girl groups are embarassing af!
  12. No, I more care about her future than lying how is she perfect and amazing
  13. They should say to her the truth about BJ, singing live and ask single 3 for Glory
  14. And.....How you dare?
  15. This