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  1. This
  2. It works, but activation doesn't work Maybe that's because its beta version of app and not official Google Play stab version, who knows
  3. 2) Why did you want to design these shirts? I started Painting Britney and making it available on T-shirts and other items because my goal is to make wearing Britney T-shirts or using items with Britney on them trend, so i can use my talent to support her and remind people what an icon she is. 3) What inspires you to design this line? My inspiration was the Britney army, when they saw my Britney paintings they started asking me for T-shirt and canvas prints so I did it for them. 4) What is your favorite Britney song? The song that made me fall in love with Britney in the first place “Born to make you happy” 6) Do you have a favorite Britney Tour? It’s impossible to pick only one Britney tour, every single one has a sentimental value and reminds me of a different phase in my life, but I’m gonna go with “Dream within a dream” cause of the beautiful setlist. 7) What is the creating process on designing these shirts? It’s not an easy process, all my designs are HAND PAINTED, nothing is illustrated or digitally enhanced which I think gives a more artistic feel to the pieces, after I finish the painting which takes about a week or two to get all the details right, i design the way i want it to be printed on every single item and when it’s ready i release the collection. 8) Are they available world wide? Yes of course, Worldwide shipping is available, and the shipping is free if you order more than one item. 9) What is your favorite Britney album? I have 3 favorite Britney albums: Britney, Britney Jean and Glory! can’t pick one. 10) anything else you would like to say? Yes, I would like to thank The Britney Army for all their support and love, The amazing Designer and photographer Ratib Anani for the amazing website, online shop, photoshoots and all the support, My idol Nick San Pedro who’s inspired me ever since i started studying art and the amazing Danny Diaz for his amazing support. You can follow Kish on Instagram at “super.kish” where you can find more photos of his amazing collection and the link to his store is www.kishscanvas.com to purchase a shirt. You have a wonderful talent Kish. Thank you for sharing your story with us and your beautiful talent. Keep following your dreams. View the full article K
  4. K
  5. Maybe tommorow I will buy Samsung J3 just 3 months old from someone for ~80$, even without papers for phone, but at least with box
  6. You like him?
  7. I must wait until I will have some phone without WApp as default system app
  8. There is not any rule about this + I don't have source video, glad that I found at least this file
  9. Yassss + isn't that unpretty guy in Sometimes video as dancer?
  10. main page

    There are million people around her who always help with everything, so it's ok.
  11. This
  12. Idk her And for skype is over now
  13. I think I buy some cheap phone with android and install this inside Can someone finally tell me if it works or not?